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    Does your brain fuck itself over everyday thinking about how everything you know is a mystery. Somtimes i just want to strangle my brain and beat the shit out of it. Cant you just let me live? When i was young and started thinking about this stuff i would have thoughts come and come and keep following them untill it reaches a black whole of unkown and i would get a electrical shocking feeling in my body because this is so mind blowing. Like my brains misfiring like woaaah buddy we cant handle this shit..I know im not the only one. That would be bullshit i know everybody in everday life hides from the reality of the situation and thats only making things worse for the next generation who has even more on their plate to try to grasp.
    I think the word HOlyshitfuckwtfbbqomgwowwhat?! is the best way to describe this

  2. Kinda like what you're doing now? :smoke:
  3. i feel you man.

    i know that feeling your talking about its just like WHAT THE FUCK.

    being alive is so fucking crazy.

    theres nothing crazier than being alive.
  4. your messing with me:rolleyes:

  5. Couldn't even if I tried :smoke:
  6. once you find an absolute truth, this rest is heresay, potential purpose for humanity is yours
  7. I dont get it. Maybe the problem is you are high and i am not? It seems so by your emoticon. i dont like people who post shit and make no sense it just fucks me over dude haha
  8. not sure i can grasp such a complicated sentence. If your saying... well i have no idea what your saying can you dumb it down? If your saying to make my own shit up for life id say that not the way i belive i should go about it. When you have a riddle to solve you solve the bitch you dont just say ahhh fuck it the answer is porcupine......

  9. Case in point :smoke:
  10. Fuck you high as mofucker:mad: are you saying that you dont understand my posts? surely you cant be serious.......actually i believe it. You are aware that life is a mystery or is it not a mystery for you???:eek: Case in point wtf im not a lawyer i dont understand 3 worded sentences like that .
  11. to me; absolute truth

    believe you will conscious forever and you will be

    if i didn't love you then i wouldn't share this info with you. 2nd coming?

    the deepest you can dig, you will get LOVE, not god

    'god' is an idea, the subconscious calculator, busy calculating your freewill.

    now that a truly enlightened person exists, this subconscious love is becoming more and more conscious. things may get worse before they get better. but, in the long run, things will be better. more love will be spread and religion will be divided back to zero.
  12. uhh are you fucking with me too? If not well im sorry but i dont understand you. You are either making no sense on purpose for some reason or im just really dumb or your really good with the english language and i am not. Or your really high and making shit up. Or your not high and making shit up......I posted to get ppl say yo dawg i feel you i deel with this shit everyday. Im not looking for more confusion. Everything is confusion already
  13. whats confusing about love?

    what confusing about being conscious to reality.

    ive had a near death experience, where i was telepathically conscious watching myself die, like 3rd person view. almost drowning when i was like 5.

    that proves to me consciousness after 'death'

    im also saying ALL religion is a joke
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    What was it like seeing yourself die? Where you observing as if you were another person behind yourself through their eyes? Or was it some other consciousness. I dont understand how you could see without eyes because since all of this is a holographic projection on our eyes the real world may just be all white or all black or who know.

    Also i dont understand how your experience of almost dieing gives you proof of consciousness after death. You have to be dead to know. You are not dead and you werent completely dead because you are in this thread. But i know people who have nde are technically dead for some seconds or minutes but they still have a brain to percieve with that has electrical siganals still inside that are creating the reality still. Its not real death. Not untill your brain is gone and not still perfectly intact. I never experienced that an im sure you had a real crazy experience to know a little more about what life really is but im just saying from a definition of what death really is its when your body and cells are completely broken down from its form when absouletly is not functionig together as a system.

    Also religion is not a joke its a giant scam and i aint laughing.
  15. i had telepathic eyes, 3rd person view, no other senses, hearing, feeling, etc
    just pure conscious,content with dieing. no memories, no life flashing, because, i was only 5

    and it does make sense that you will have some kind of consciousness after death. since your born with a conscious, why would it go away just because, your body died? my gospel, peace, without the sound of guns

    just like your thoughts exist telepathically, think about, lol.
  16. I kind of have that notion about what happens when you die but i dont know why because i have no concsious reason to. The idea that when you die its like being sucked away into everything and you envelop everything while watching your little body sink away from you and you could really give a shit less like flicking a ant 30 feet into a lake and laughing your ass off about how good it is to break off of the body prison and be everything again. How silly and wrong i was about this whole thing why i took it so seriously and why i cared so much. I have a strong feeling were so wrong about this and the moment of death may give us a glimpse.

    About consciousness i dont know weather it is seperate from the matter of the body or if it is somthing else. Since i believe that what i am is matter that has learned and experienced and become what i am and know because of the past. Isnt this part of what makes up my consiousness? well maybe a part. Thoughts, i dont know what that is exactly it does seem to come out of thin air but im skepitcal about that. We have the most complex brain we know of and we just cant assume its consiousness inside and not somthing created by the brain. Just let me know if im a babbling idiot because thats pretty much what im doing with no regard for spelling...

  17. I remember when I was about 10 years of age I would think of some strange things about life and get that same shocking feeling in my head.
    Kinda feels like my head is getting empty. Like it wants to expand.

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