livin in Israel

Discussion in 'General' started by charter, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. just saying hey and keepin the name active been in israel 7 weeks, prob gonna stay for at least a few more months, just seeing if anyone here is from the area. Solid amount of Hashish in this region, sub par bud from Sinai as well. lata
  2. wierd stuff what nationality are you? doesnt it seem a little wierd living in a foreign country? I dont think i could take having to adjust to another culture after ive already mastered my own :)
  3. yo man there any bud there????
  4. damn dude im going there in march. how hard is it to get a hookup for a tourist? i was planning on finding some sort of place where young people hang out and ask around...maybe a hookah bar and just ask if there's "anything special" to put in the bowl...
  5. yo i just posted a thread about how im goin on birthright in 2 months, so ill be there for new years!
  6. i have some friends who live in Israel
    weed is hard to come by its mainky cigs and hookah
  7. Try not to trample over too many Palestinians while you're living there.

  8. ditto to that!........Peace out.........Sid:smoking:

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