livin in an apartment

Discussion in 'General' started by cortezga2000, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. I hate livin in these fuckin apartments with these fuckin old ass farts fuckin with me i feel like putin their fuckin asses on the street. Can't wait for the third, time to get really fuckin high then. But gotta wait to get high for fuckin ever. Sources round here ain't easy to find. Too many fuckin pigs in this world that don't believe in stimulation of the mind.

    Tell me what you would do in this situation, so i don't have to go put a fuckin bag over their heads so they will stop fucking with me!!
  2. whats the situation
    inb4 jersey shore
  3. I'm sorry sir, I have no idea what the hell you are talking about....And what do the things mentioned have to do with living in an apartment?
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    Fucking fuck fucker dude, just fuckin kill those fuckers!.... FUCK!

    then go GTL on their asses

    Seriously though, what are you sayin'? You gotta wait till the oldies fall asleep before tokin'? Stop being an overweight lazy-bum and go for a stroll outside, or if you're REALLY lazy go for a drive, and bring a bowl with you. I mean it's not like someone's got a gun to your head forcing you to stay inside....or maybe there is idunno.

    Be creative, use your imagination.
  5. GTL all day errday baby!
  6. FUCK these FUCKING apartments, FUCK these FUCKING geriatrics, and FUCK THE FUCKING POLICE

  7. hahahahha +rep for that face =p
  8. I would grow up and realise I was in the real world, and stop pissing and whining about it like a kid. God, what an embarrassment of a stoner you are.
  9. at least you aren't neighbors with an entire family of people with lazy eyes
  10. How are "the old farts fuckin with you"
  11. You have only one choice then

  12. shit on their front step
  13. [ame=]YouTube - Andy Milonakis- Chickentown[/ame]
  14. what exactly did they do to you?
  15. OP, if you want people to take you seriously you need to stop using "fuckin" every third word. Remember: "everything in moderation" that includes cuss words.

  16. I bought a house.
  17. The next time you see those old ass farts, you go up to them and give them a BIG middle finger and say,

    "FUCK you."

    Make sure make your fuck you finger with your thumbs tucked in, not stretched out or else these old motherfuckers will jump on you instantly.

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