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Live Smoke On Webcam Now !!

Discussion in 'General' started by stefanjagger, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. Hi people,

    Got myself a bit of weed left over, decided to have a smoke but no-one to share it with..

    If anyone wants to tune into my cam and have a smoke with me please do so at the following URL.


    If you do go onto my cam, please post here that your on :)

    Weedsmoking will commence in about 15-20mins ..

    Just looking for someone to have a smoke with lol

  2. I would, but I don't have a webcam :(

    I'll take a toke with ya though I'll spark it right when you do ;)
  3. about to do it now .. gonna go get myself a lighter ...

  4. hehe nice, one done :)

    only about a gram of solid left ...

    A bong every five minutes, see how many we can get toking at once :)

    Stefan :)
  5. hey you playing video games

  6. you are so stoned damn
  7. LOL

    im stoned .. but gonna have a go at doing 36, im on bong 13 now ...

    Im talking on IRC - Efnet #postmodern - nick: Phar

    hehe have a smoke with me boys.. help me do it ..

  8. I clicked the link but all I see is a guy holding a bong.:eek:

    LOL...I rated him the worst.
  9. Yo,

    Thats cos your a jerk. we should be cool to each other, us weed smokers you know ?

    Smokin ma shit for a little longer, join me in this smoke people.

  10. LOL...my mistake, I didn't read your nick right and I thought there'd be a woman on cam.

  11. I think it was in the way he said "hehe have a smoke with me boys"
  12. yeh its cool shit aint it ;)



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