live off the land in tribes, or upload yourself into the machine

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  1. so hypothetically its 2012 right and in December you're faced with a choice.

    either live off the land in a new paradise like tribes and shit with loin cloths and spears and magic fruit and shit but no electricity.

    or upload your self into cyber space and infinity and its like a instant pleasure novelty creating device and you go from one intense extreme to another and it brings the most intense desirable moment into the presant moment and things that happen blow your mind like everything is just mind blowing insane crazy buetiful and what have you

    like tripping balls off things we cant talk about in the jungle for ever but theres no time and

    what will you choose?
  2. tipping balls of course
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  3. I'd carry on nomadic traditions of horseback life with bows.

    Steppes nomads were shamans.
  4. but what if its a trick?
    do you care if you ever come back
    would it be giving up free will?

    its like could be dangerous

  5. no pain meds or modern medicine perhaps

    maybe somes left behind
    maybe theres no need

    just asking the questions
    almost dont want real life answers to some of them who knows
    does everything that is possible have to happen

    like do we have to pick
    or do all things happen

    are we quickly running out of combos of things in these peraminters?

    are we quickly racing to a black hole?

    are are brains going to explode?
  6. Inyou need pain meds you are weak, you won't be allowed to breed.

    On earth, you show sings of weakness and you'll be swallowed alive, how it should be.

    Cavemen were all strong, none of them were weak.

    Today we save way too many goddamn sick people, why we have so many sick people!
  7. That cyber space thing man. Sounds like a good time.
  8. Hell yeah, live off the land! and start to grow and smoke tons with no cops! never have a job, sign me up.
  9. You're basically asking if we would take the red pill or the blue pill. I honestly don't know. Normally I'd say I'd much rather experience the true reality and live off the land, but a fantasy world where I could do anything or be anyone is becoming more and more appealing to me.
  10. So most people would opt for the easy way out.

  11. If you're familiar with "Ghost Hacking" Then you should know there is no easy way out.


    Can i make a clone of me and pick both?
  12. I'm not, so no.

    Instant pleasure vs scraping food off land... I think it's obvious.
  13. Psh.

    100% no doubt. Going to live off the land like a boss.

    And in said cyber world you'd always have to remember..

    You will literally be. Forever alone.
  14. Live off the land tripping would get old as hell and who says I can't grow mj all day er day
  15. Would the tribal earth life be like a fantasy world? If not, fuck that. It was so shitty back then lol, people died in the worst ways imaginable. There was no knowledge of medicine and no pain meds and shit fuck that man, I couldn't do it. It would have to be like Middle Earth or something for me to want to live there.

    I guess cyber space :confused_2:

    Would it be like internet? or just all by yourself? cause that would suck.
  16. porn..

    i know.. i'm pathetic..
  17. Damn, probably the cyber space with the land tribe sexy girls lol.
  18. Live off the land. Grow weed all day, make my own clothes from hemp.

  19. Cyberspace.. if you really want to you can just experience nomadic life through virtual reality..
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    live off the land....fuck clothes i'd just walk around naked and bathe in a clean water source every day.

    then years down the road i would wonder into the computer server compounds and i would start ghosthacking people who chose cyberspace.

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