Live bud worms found after drying

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Fostergick, Nov 4, 2022.

  1. After hanging my buds for 10days of dry and started trimming I’ve been finding bud worms still messing with my shit. Should I toss the infect bud or the whole plant. Damn worms
  2. I'd toss them but I have high standards so..
  3. no biggy ...pick them out if you must

    they will fall off over time, as they don't affect the weed THC, but only the cell fiber

    chill good luck
  4. Yeah I second this. I found a handful while trimming and at first I was tossing everything but after a while I started sorting it out. Any areas with a caterpillar would be very closely inspected and anything with mold went in the trash and if there was no mold I’d throw that nug as well as any that were touching it into a bubble hash pile. For personal use I probably wouldn’t be quite as picky but since I have a decent amount I don’t really mind tossing it and since I plan on giving a lot of it out as Christmas gifts and to coworkers and stuff the last thing I want is for someone else to open their grinder and find dead bugs or mold… or both.
  5. ZZ BT 22.jpg

    Next grow use BT Thuricide once a week every week.
    Running a bug zapper nearby helps a ton as well.

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