Little white micro bugs

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  1. Hey gang, I havent been in the city in forever it seems, I'm back with a question.

    Looking through the scope I spotted a little white critter on a leaf I cut off to inspect, I cant get a picture of the bug of course, buts its not quite transparent nor is it solid white, it cant be seen with the naked eye & through the scope is about the size of a large trich, & I might add it seems very happy and content to be there. I have never seen any other bugs around, it doesnt seem to be an infestation, I see one every now & then.

    Couple questions are;
    Where in the heck did they come from? my shit is pretty dang clean
    Where do they go when I hang the goods to dry? do they die with the bud & get smoked?
    Is there anything I can do to kill them & keep'em away?
    I guess the best question would be, are they gonna kill me man!?

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    Spider mites? Pain in the ass, good luck. Don't know of a "for sure" way of getting rid of them.
  3. I dont know man...could be I suppose, it kinda looks like it belongs in the worm family though, they are so freakin small, I'm wondering if Ladybugs like'em.

    thanks man

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