Little thing has had a rough start.

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    Ok so here is the story before we get down to the problem. I'm not sure how old this plant is seeing as how I rescued it from a friend. This thing has been through hell. First off it started its life in dirt yes i said it STRAIGHT but I have had it for a few days and since transplanted it into Miracle Grow soil and also have a timer set to 18/6 light cycle and have a fan blowing on it for 12 hours a day. This will also be my first grow. My question is why are the leaves looking like this? Or is it normal?

    What type of medium; soil or hydro? - Soil
    What brand and type of soil? - Miracle Grow
    Indoors or outdoors? - Indoors
    What strain? - Some type of Purple.
    How old are the plants? - No Idea
    What type of lights and how many watts? - HPS 100W
    How far from the lights? - 16 inches
    What, how much and when was it fed? NPK? - N/A
    What is the medium/runoff pH? - N/A
    What are the temps and humidity in the room? - 73 degrees F
    What size pots? - 5 gallon maybe
    Any bugs? Look real close. - None
    Any other pertinent info? - Not that I can think of.

  2. Edit: You probably shouldn't use soil with time-release nuts in it ...

  3. Why do people use, Miracle Grow. It does more harm, than good. You need to lose it, and buy a bail of Pro-Mix, at your Grow Shop, or make your own

    2 parts, Vermiculite
    4 parts, Perlite
    5 parts, Peat Moss
    3 parts, Soil ( Black Earth )

    Also, a minimum of 7 - 10 gallon Grow Bags, are necessary. 25 cents, at your Grow Shop as well. Pots of this size, are fine as well.

    A flush * gentle ) is needed, before, you transplant into, new medium.

    Nutrients, can also be purchased, at your Grow Shop, for around, 10 dollars.

    If you continue, on your set course, your baby, will die. This method, I just explained, is, the tried, true method.
  4. Looks to me like your letting your plant stretch to much, you should have the light as close to the plant as you can get it the best way to tell if its to close is put your hand under the light and see if you can bare the heat the plant can bare the heat. Miracle grow not such a great soil save your self the time and go buy yourself some FOXFARM Soil its one of the best soil's i've worked with and you can get it at any of your local Hydroponic stores or Garden Center. An do you have a fan on your plant? An the leafs look a little odd how many times are you watering it? And how much are you watering it?
  5. Fox farm, have you read the grow journals ? It is one of the more hated soil going. Furthermore, The best soil, is the soil, you make. You make it suit, your, individual needs.

    The other stuff, can wait, this problem, is killing the plant now.
  6. Actually everything Ive read on this site said that FoxFarm is good. And also, 7-10 gallon grow bags are bigger than you will need .... unless you intend to have a 5-10foot plant. Im using a 12 quart (2.5 gallon)//12" radius pot for my plant(She will end up being about 2-3 feet tall).
  7. Ok I'm about to go out and look for this Pro-Mix. I have a Home Depot and Lowes fairly close and wondering if they carry it there. I don't know where the nearest plant nursery is.
  8. Oh, here we go again. Why, are you undermining, every thing I say. My opinion stands. Let the owner, of this thread decide, whats the "Proper Advise"

    Check out my Grow Pics, comments dude. You Won't, be disappointed. Hit the blue link, on the bottom, of this post.
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    Noones undermining shit, Im simply giving him an alternate opinion .... you seem to be the one who doesnt take well to other peoples opinions ... always telling them theyre wrong and youre right ...

    I do believe I said that I read that FoxFarm is good also ... I never said your way was wrong. Your way im sure is a great way, but not everyone is going to go out and buy all the stuff to make their own, in which case FoxFarm is a better choice than regular soil or MiracleGrow

  10. No, but it's more confusing, when one person says one thing, and then, along came a spider, and the spider, spins a whole new web. You see ?
  11. No I dont see ... I know if it were me Id like to hear as many options as possible ...
  12. Ugh... Well then I don't suppose HD or Lowes carries Pro-Mix.

  13. Can you get 2 small bags ( Vermiculite, and Perlite, then 1 bag black earth, 1 bag peat moss ?
  14. I suppose they would have that stuff. Not sure about black earth but i'll check.

  15. Black earth, or soil, untethered.
  16. I'm a little confused on how to mix it up though. Could you elaborate?

  17. Sure, for every pot ( say 6 gallons ) use the appropriate amount, of parts, to fill your container. Not hard, Mix it well, and don't be shy, with the Perlite

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