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Little smoke cave in my room (picture)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The innovator, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. So In front of my window I have this huge heavy ass curtain cause it gets really sunny in my room. (picture below) It's quite thick and covers a large amount of space. I've done this a few times but I want you opinion of if this negates any smell from going into my room and possible into the hallway.
    -Put towel under door (window is like 13 feet from door)
    - Open window and have fan blowing out.
    - Go INSIDE the curtain so it's around me basically creating a small room with just me and the window.
    -Leave window open for a bit after smoking. :smoking:

    Do you think this should eliminate all smell? I mostly just smoke bowls and my bubbler but occasionally a joint.

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  2. If u smoke weed in the house a few times its gonna smell at least a little bit like weed. Just invest in a vape it's worth it.

  3. Not really a fan of vaping. Done it a few times and ehhh
  4. It's definitely a different type of high.
  5. Do you personally prefer it over smoking?
  6. Not really but it saves a lot and if u can't get caught or something vaping is the way to go for sure. Just chill in ur room and get vaped lmao. No worrying about smell unless u fuck around and get it too hot and burn some. It might smell a little then.
  7. Don't listen to that advice ^ if you are heating cannabis in any form it will have a stench to especially powerful to those who do not use.
  8. What type of Hi is it Please
  9. #9 lFourTwenty, Dec 21, 2012
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    Lmao if you are vaping with a MFLB and you arent combusting the weed, there will be no noticeable smell after like 30 seconds, and it doesn't even smell like weed, more like popcorn. i have used the MFLB for over a year and a half, and it doesn't make a smell, obviously you dont have experience with this vaporizer. I've gotten baked in public, in a classroom, in movie theaters, no smell comes from it.
  10. im vaped in my room and even blew the vapor out the window and my mom still smelled it when she walked in...less of an odor but u can still smell it
  11. I vape in my room all the time.. Smoke smell sticks to things.. Vape doesn't. However you can still smell it.
  12. I say vape out. I bet no one will smell it, and once u find that out that u vaped and no one noticed, ur gonna be happy as fuck.
  13. I have the same setup as your room but without the fan, i always have a blanket over my window and i just stand looking out my window with he blanket curtain over me and blow all my smoke out and just stare at my neighbors christmas lights dopest thing ever haha
  14. Theres no way to eliminate all of the smell. if you do it your way, in a well ventilated room with a 30 minute window afterwards then you should be clear.

    Maybe you should sneak outside or something, that would be a better solution.

    And vapes DO make a smell, it doesn't smell as strong nor does it linger as long as smoke does but you will get a smell. I too have a MFLB and have experienced smell. of course the person vaping wont really notice this:p
  15. by the way i only like to vape and rarely smoke now a days. I got them bitch lungs and IM OK WITH IT LOL
  16. I would think you could probably take a few hits out of a bowl, then if you let your room air out, there probably won't be much of a smell afterwards. Smoking much more though, and it WILL smell. So ya know, prepare to eventually get caught if you smoke inside a lot. Hope u find a solution man.
  17. Like others said, get a vape. I vape in my room all night and the smell goes away in like 4 minutes
  18. You're forgetting that the weed will smell before and after you put it in the vape, so that's where the stench may be coming from...
  19. Don't do it, you'll get caught. Happened to me, bought a vape, been home free ever since.

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