Little red eggs on plant

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  1. I found a few little red eggs on a leaf of one of my plants. Didn't see them anywhere else. Just one small cluster. And didn't notice on any other plants.
    Any clue what these are?
    20170807_171548.jpg 20170807_165439.jpg 20170807_165457.jpg
  2. Bugs

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  3. You mean bug eggs? Yeah clearly. I'm asking what kind of bug they are. Harmful? Or....
  4. Plants don't go well with bugs in most cases. Small reds could be anything I wouldnt want them.

    Only bug I've ever kept was a pray mantis

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  5. Probably moth eggs
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  6. caterpillars inc!
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  7. Dinosaurs eggs. This is why I tell people to spray down their plants.
  8. Thanks asshole. I did google before I came here. Couldn't find the exact eggs That I found.

    I got rid of the leaf with the eggs and haven't seen any more. I don't think it was caterpillars.
  9. Next time don't get rid of the leaf. Just rub them off. Or pop them. Could be ladybugs. Dont take the chance unless u know for sure.

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