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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cheebaa, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Well overall I feel accomplished today. I smoked up all day long, got my new sneakers, went grocery shopping, went to the pet store, went to walmart, cleaned the entire house including the bathroom, did all the dishes, and washed-dried-and folded/ironed all my clothes.
    Now it's time to eat some grapes and oranges, drink some blueberry green tea, and wait for the sopranos. Everyone else like being able to have a productive stoned day?
  2. I'm on a break but when I read this, I had to respond. I have not been productive in months. I'm on an extended break for a very good reason but it really didn't dawn on me until now that I'm not getting half of the shit done that I do when I'm stoned.

    I'm an industrious stoner. I get things done. Weed motivates the hell out of me. I haven't been motivated like that at all while on this break. I was bitching the other day about how I feel like I'm not getting things done and it's because I'm f'n straight!!!

    I can't wait to get high again!!! :D
  3. Yeah, i love productive stoner days, you know you accomplished ssomething, and it just makes your high a whole lot better lol
  4. i love stoned productive days. they make you feel good about yourself, and about your choice to smoke.

    and i also love(and hate) tolerance breaks.
  5. I usually tend to clean my room when im not high, so I have a better area for when I am high.
  6. I generally am pretty productive while high. Shit gets done. I don't know how productive I am gonna be starting this break. Only time will tell.
  7. i wish i was more productive while im high i mostly just sit and zone out for hours on somthing.
  8. yeah when i get blzes up it puts me in the mood, were work really isnt work becuz im high and feelen right.
  9. getting stoned after doing work feels great also, just a celebration for a hard days work.nothin better

  10. wait a minute. . .

    Ok so Im trying to understand this right now. You havent been productive in months. . .so youre on a break for the good reason of getting things done (I presume). . .but now that you think about it, youre not getting things done because youre straight. . .So according to this, you werent getting anything done high, and youre not really getting anything done sober, but you are an industrious stoner who gets things done.

    Sorry dude. But you sound high, cuz that makes no sense to me at all :smoke:
  11. haha..I don't think she meant she's on a break to become productive.

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