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    Just a little personal grow journal, nothing to see here, pay no attention... lol

    3 x Apollo 13
    3 x Headband
    Top Feeding a custom soil-less mix in 5gal buckets and treating it as hydro.

    Grow Chamber:
    4' x 3', 600w mh/hps ballast / 8" cool tube, 720cfm 8" blower

    Flowering Chamber:
    6 x 600w mh/mps ballasts / 8" cool tube (two 3 lamp banks)
    980cfm 8" blower (ONE 8" blower will run the whole system)

    Cooling System:
    Hydro Innovations 8" water cooling system (home made heat exchanger)

    Water source will be from a well and drain to waste

    Water flow will be controlled by a 120v 1amp inline water shut off valve

    Inline Water Valve will be by a Sentinel CHHC 4 Environment controller

    Blower will be controlled by a Blower Speed Controller according to chamber temp.

    HydroGEN Co2 Generator (water cooled)

    Will post the build and grow as more progresses.
  2. Sorry I got lost......
    A little more about more about my chamber cooling setup...
    I'm in a rural area and I'm on well water so a drain to waste chamber cooling system works for me.
    I can cool all 6 lamps including the dehumidifier, and propane Co2 generator with only using a 1/2hp pump.

    My well pump is pumping water through heater cores that I made for my lights.
    I bought $10 heater cores on fleabay, some sheet metal, and made my own heat exchangers.

    Then added the heat exchangers between the lights.

    I have two waterlines, a 1" that supplies the heat exchagers cold water and a 1-1/2 that is a drain to waste.

    Ask any questions you may have...
  3. That my friend is amazing

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