Little mistakes that make you go FUCK

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    So i was sitting at my computer when i got up to go get some food. My headphones fell of the table but i ignored it , i come back and step right on them. FUCK
    Then I walk downstairs to get krazy glue and my sister jumps out and scares me twice FUCK-er. And I cant find the krazy glue FUCK-est
  2. When I can't find my wallet in my dorm room. F U C K
  3. When I'm baked off my ass and drop blunts and joints on my clothes and burn holes in them...
  4. When cops pull up major fuck moment.
  5. Take a shit and there's no TP. FUCK.
  6. Stubbing my toe. Fuck-er.
  7. Taking my time packing a nice fat bowl and then accidently knocking it off my table. Weed gets lost in my carpet and I am left with an empty bowl every time it happens. It will usually be my last bowl too when it happens.
  8. Leaving my bong in my front seat of my car parked in the school parking lot....FUCKED
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    One time I knocked over a loaded bowl and when I leaned over to pick up the mess my headphone wire pushed over an entire UNEATEN plate of nachos & slasa. FUCK. Took me an hour to clean the mess plus it smelled like stale cheese for a week. Sad day indeed.

  10. Dude that pissed me off..that must SUCK fucked a loaded bowl prob of some DANKKKK shit then a delish fucking nacho and cheese dude that sucks for real lolol:mad::cool::smoke:
  11. Knocking bong water all over my keyboard !! FUCK
  12. When I loose my lighter
  13. Forgetting to pull out...
  14. Realizing you're taking a shit... after you just showered.

  15. That's why you shit & shower at the same time. Save time AND toilet paper.
  16. Ok so I'm texting a friend while I'm high about this girl I've been seeing.

    I am stoned off my ass and send him the text "Hey that whore I brought to the bar the other nights birthday is coming up. What do you get a girl for her birthday her she's just a piece of ass"

    I mistakingly sent the text to her instead of my friend I was texting........

    Long story short we are getting married in a few months.

    True Story.
  17. When I make it all the way to my truck and I realize I forgot my iPod.
  18. When you forget which side of the rode to drive on and you accidently kill a family of 5, but people think its your fault. Fuck

    Jk but When your listening to your ipod while your chillin/sleeping and then that one song thats super louder than the other ones turns on and fucks your ears up. Maybe its just me lol.
  19. when i get baked in my car and forget the keys in the ignition and lock myself out. FUCK
  20. when the TV remote is jusstt out of reach

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