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little help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by radiodread420, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. thought i would ask the seasoned tokers this question:

    i need this job from my friends dad but he wants me to take a home drug test.
    i smoked last friday and i take the test sunday. i weigh 230 (kinda chunky) and i have drank a lot of water for the last week. i smoked a whole lot friday, about a quater, and i have some of the cleansing drink

    would i be cool to take the test normally or should i use the cleasning stuff
    i dont even know if that crap works and thats why i came to ask the professionals
  2. Hahahaha, not a chance.

    That shit will stay with you for awhile, mainly because your weight and the time you've been smoking.

    My suggestion: Get a friend to piss in a condom for you, use that piss for the test.
  3. does that cleansing stuff work or should i use fake piss
    i do have fake piss but i dont know if it will work

    none of my friends are clean either
  4. Ok...

    1. Buy a detox drink from GNC, online, or at smoke shops. Drink it 6 hours before the test, you'll be completely clean. Cost: $30

    2. Get some visine. Piss in a cup and drop a few drops of visine in it (NOT CONFIRMED)
    Supposedly it cleans out your urine, and you'll pass a test.

    3. Get some cranberry juice and niacin. Start popping the niacin, drink 2 gallons of the juice a day, and work out excessively. This method will clean you up in about 5 days if done right.

    4. Find someone with clean urine willing to piss in a condom for you (lol)
  5. if you buy a detox drink from GNC or a headshop you should pass a at home test no problem. I wouldnt recomend putting visine in your piss because that doesnt really sound like it will work. So basically your cheapest bet is to find someones clean piss but if you cant do that buy a detox.
  6. yep as these guys said, most detox drinks from GNC or headshops work.

    the only way they work is that they mask it. so take it only how the directions say. I had a friend who swore by those things and he'd take them almost 8 hours before and never had a problem. good luck.
  7. thank you guys very much
    i guess i will be using the detox.
    cant wait till this is over
  8. ok your close but no. you drink the drink atleast 1 hour before the test. it only MASKS the thc in your system for up to 6 hours.

    the work out method works but you need to NOT work out atleast 2 days before the test. alot of the thc is stored in fat cells so once those cells are burned they release thc into your system and into your piss.

    also i wouldnt do the visine trick unless you know for sure it will work. my friend tried it and it made the test have a thin foggy line but there was still a line

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