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  1. Hey all! So I have germinated 6 seeds: 2 OG Kush, 2 Orange crush, and 2 Chem dog and planted them into a small peat seedling starting tray with some soil from my organic garden and all have sprouted into seedlings and look healthy but upon going to water them today I was looking very closely at them and noticed these very very small black dots walking in the soil and there was one on the leaf of one seedling and I tried looking for something that looked like it but with no results. Let me try and explain what they looked like the best I can since they are so tiny hard to see details, but they look like the size of the tip of a sewing needle and look to have a round little head and a round circular body and were black. I couldnt not see any legs I know they are not aphids, spider mites, white flies, thrips, or lice. I know this is kinda hard without seeing them but anyone have similar problem?
  2. those are called sacrid flys something like that try not overwatering add some sand to top soil buy some yeelow stticky traps and buy doctor doom to fog room close all ventaliation follow the directions this is a start and hopefully it works
  3. If they don't have wings they are not fungus gnats or sciarid flies. From your description it sounds like spider mites. Do they look like slow-moving specks of pepper?

    Do you see any damage to your plants yet? Are there tiny white dots on the tops of your fan leaves?
  4. I have them too. heres photos. mine are pretty bad. Need help quick.

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  5. Yup. SMs.

    What a bad-ass year for these fuckers man !!! :devious:

    Get some Pyrethrum, its an organic insecticide. Follow the directions on the label carefully. Try and avoid the budz unless theyre infested too. Have a real good look
    with a magnifying aid. Any webbing yet ??? If not - good - theyre not that advanced yet.

    If its early enough in bud, they (the budz) can be salvaged.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Time is of the essence here...

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    Wow play4u4me, that is a BAD case already. If you don't have webbing yet I would be surprised.

    How many weeks into budding are you?
    Are you growing indoors or outdoors?

    Personally, I would not get pyrethrin spray on the buds. If you're going to use it spray carefully ONLY on the large fan leaves where the mites like to live. They are mostly on the underside of the leaves, but in your case I think there are probably a lot on the top too.

    A better option would be to mix some with water (or just use it straight if you want, but you might want to use gloves so you don't get your hand soaked in it), and manually apply it with a soft cloth to just the areas that you will not smoke later (i.e. the fan leaves and stems, and any other areas away from the buds. Avoid getting it on the buds and smaller trichome-covered leaves. Having dead mites in the buds later is better than having poison residue on them. I've had to smoke mites a couple times because it was too far along in budding to use the correct poisons to kill them all. :eek:

    Original poster, do those pictures look like what you have? If you've also got spider mites, the faster you take care of it the better!

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