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  1. I always get high and think about story ideas that could be fleshed out and more interesting. Here's a few short sentences on some I have made:

    -a story about someone who is able to travel trough each dimension in time based on the theory of multiple dimensions due to the choices we make

    -2 best friends who lose touch due to life choices but when one of these friends have dark ideas of murdering, the other friend becomes the victim and they are both oblivious to their old friendship.

    Here's my fave.... A story about a group of pothead friends, armed with a van and a loyal dog, go around solving paranormal mysteries... I call it Scoobie Doobie ;-)

    What do y'all think?
  2. Haha I enjoy your plots you've thought of. I do think of great story lines when I'm high but I'd never be able to write a book unfortunately. Try sticking with one idea and writing about it, maybe the other ideas will eventually melt their way into the story you currently would be working on

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  3. Don't understand the first one
    Second one could be good with some modifications
    Third one I don't really understand why they dog is even needed

    I really like to come up with ideas even if they never come to fruition.

    Here's I nice idea for a book:

    How bout some dude with like a chainsaw just like decides he wants to off some people? The story could be set in Arkansas and Tom Hanks plays a cop at the end of book: he delivers a touching monologue about the dangers of GMO's
  4. It's beautiful...
  5. I'm much like you, come up with the ideas but can't really write hah. One day I will!
  6. I had an idea for a story, it would be set in like eight to ten years from now; where if you needed expensive healthcare and couldn't afford it, the military would pay for it and give you a $20,000 signing bonus, in return for military service when you healed. The main character of the story is diagnosed with cancer and give a year to live, so he enrolls in the military but instead of going to the chemo therapy he takes the money and goes one the adventure of a life time with his best friend who happens to be a drug dealer with connections all over the country.
  7. I make a shit-ton of weird "potential college theses!!" when I'm tokin'. SOme of the things I come up with, haha- holy whack I have Noo idea why I get so obsessive. Well, when I'm high I'm happy and shit, and all the static in my head disappears so I can think about real shit. (And I'm sure you've never heard a stoner say that before.haha.)
    ---I think your 2nd idea could make a great plot for a short story, seriously. Try it out!

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