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Literally blue colored bud & actual crystals?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dankherbonly, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Okay so I got this nug of bud out of an ounce of some other complete fuego from my dude, I have no idea what the hell it is, is it even possible to be that color or have actual square crystals on it? Pictured below is the blue nug (camera does it no Justice it's like turquoise blue & the crystals as well.

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  2. I'd keep it and get a refund, by necessary means
  3. Only nug out of the batch like it

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  4. (NO THIS IS NOT WEED, PRBOBABLY SUGAR, the blue parts)
  5. Those crystals are not THC..
  6. Yeah I figured, have had it for like a a week or so now. Scared of it XD

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  7. Well those blue crystals are def not naturally occuring, but the nug in and of itself looks good.

    Smoke it and give us a status update?
  8. Have you broken it up and smelled it? The video just seemed like it was some hairy ass weed, and weed that is grown in a cold environment turns purple maybe something along those lines..? Like this was grown in mild temp dog so it's blue lmao Smurph special :icgreen:
  9. Would touch that breaking bad nug with a ten foot pole.
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  10. OK I hope he does know the blue crystal stuff ain't what he talking about...

    Now that blue on that bud is fake someone took something like a fountain ink pen or food color in small needle drop or even injected....

    Blue on bud is a blue hue over the green... Now purple you can get.... I've had bud I grew though look so blue it almost look fake but nothing like that....

    Took me min to find it... Had to go all way back to 2005 post.... Here's pics right off plant and pics dried... This bud actually was described to have wine red stems with dark purple blue bud on 20%of the phenos I got the other pheno the 80%but still look amazing.. Had wine red stems with green bud with blue hue all over and hairs the color the rainbow

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  11. Those crystals if sweet rock candy... If sour meth
  12. It's fake and laced! Well done sir.
  13. I'd get some skin lotion haha

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  14. Heisenberg is alive !!! Nah jk

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  15. I really hope you don't smoke that bro

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  16. Probs rock candy/sugar to make it look better.

    It's not you-know-what, it wouldn't be able to be effectively digested through a joint or a bowl (they don't exactly get hot hot hot like they need to be)
  17. To me, it looks like a leather sofa lol

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