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Listening to neighbors fuck-Turn on OR Turn off?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by mjmama25, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. #1 mjmama25, Oct 17, 2011
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    When I hear other people having sex it freaks me out. Makes my heart rate go through the roof and I get very uncomfortable, angry even that they are so inconsiderate. But I know some people would get off on listening to neighbors fuck. Am I the only person who doesn't like it? Does hearing people have sex turn you on or off? Why?
  2. After all the free porn available, I got desensitized to that shit
  3. This reminds me of something that happened a few weeks ago:

    I went outside by the pool to use my google sky maps to check out the stars and all of a sudden I start hearing low moans. I ignored them and kept looking at the stars but then things changed. My neighbors started having rough sex. Lol I could here the bed slamming up against the wall and she was screaming. Then it escalated, I could hear him spanking her and then she moaning and screaming even louder and saying "that hurts" "ow" "fuck me" stuff along those lines. I started laughing really hard and then walked away.

    I wasn't turned off or on by them, I just thought it was hilarious. I think the fact that they were having rough sex made it even funnier to me.
  4. heard my neighbors having a threesome once,,,was crazy
  5. if i knew they were hot, yea

    but if they are old/gross then it would be a hue turnoff
  6. turn on and then turn off lol like a porno youve watched too many times
  7. I kinda of feel you on this. I had conflicting feelings about it, but mostly it makes me uncomfortable. Even if it turns me on a little, it still creeps me out.
  8. I would crank the worst techno with my 2k watt system.
  9. Well it doesn't really turn me on but it definitely doesn't turn me off either.

    I am just happy for them :hello:
  10. Not that I have.... But I think hearing your parents having sex would make your head explode.
  11. And seeing it at an age (I was between 6-8) where you will remember it for the rest of your life is even more scarring.

    But now when I hear people having sex I really don't care, I just think that it's great that they are getting some lovin.
  12. Neither it is what it is just ignore that shit and throw on some headphones. Or better yet get your own girl and fuck her even harder to drown out the sound. haha
  13. I remember sneaking out as a kid egg houses heard people fucking in the back yard peeked over and threw some eggs but missed em fuck!

    but they went inside though after...

  14. Depends on the neighbors lol
  15. Not really a turn off or on, just annoying because they choose to do it late at night ( 1, 2 am) and its always really loud so you cant ever sleep..
  16. It depends if she is hot!!!!!!
  17. I had this problem with one set of neighbors, and they liked to do it at midnight when I had to be up for morning PT at 5 am.
    I explained to them the next day that I'd blast bagpipe music when I got up for work in retaliation if they couldn't keep it down.
    Another set of neighbors, I timed them and shouted critiques when they were done.
  18. Dude. I think it's so hot. When I hear friends fucking it turns me on and I have to start fucking the person I'm with haha.

    Or if I just hear it alone.. I still think it's hot.. It's mixed emotions, though. I think it's hot. I think the girl is way dirty for not caring, again a turn on. Jealous I'm not getting laid. Funny that it's going on.

  19. Yeah....the set I live near now ...haha...the guy likes to get the jackhammer going on....damnit...always wakes me up...thanks a fucking lot....

    Its kind of a turn on....mostly just end up laughing like hell..and wanting to get back to sleep...BANNG IT OUT ALREADYYY

  20. LOL, I agree with this, but still, it's not a turn on.

    I mean when I have sex, you know I'm having sex...
    but I've never gotten a complaint. See living in apts
    and shit like that sucks.

    I want to live on the end of a townhome or something
    with a basement, no one above or below me. That'd
    be nice. I'm sorry, but that would be embarrassing for
    me if someone said they heard me. First, I'd be like,
    "sorry..." but then I'd be like "Ew you fucking creeper,
    why were you listening to me? Why didn't you put on
    head phones, the tv or something? No, you just sat
    there and listened to me. Freak. :hide:"

    I'd want to move....:laughing:

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