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  1. Honestly i grew up in a house where we didn't listen or talk about music much at all.  But obviously it is extremely popular like every other person in the world other than our family listens to music.  Do people really just sit there in their room and listen to music?  I think i could hold out for like 5 minuets "oh yea thats a good song, i like that" and then get bored and want to actually do something.  

  2. music allows the artist to speak to our souls. its the ultimate representation of creativity and art. it carries the message of a generation. its pretty deep man.
  3. youre on a weed forum asking if people listen to music? the fuck dude.. 
    You sound pretty dull.
  5. oh wow i really didn't even ask my question.  I wanted to know if people just sat down and listened to music or if its mainly something they play in the background 
    Both. I'm always listening to music while surfing the interwebz, playing video games, or whatever. But I also take the time to just sit down with a bowl and listen to a couple albums, absorbing the atmosphere and all the different sounds. I spend a lot of money on rare vinyls and cassettes so I like to get the most out of 'em. I usually listen to 3 or 4 albums every day. I also make quite a bit of music so, yes, its pretty much what my entire life revolves around.
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  7. I listen to music for around 8 hours straight and another 2-3 off/on throughout my day. I love music it has the ability to convey any emotion feeling idea or thing in a melodic and rhythmic way. Music is life music is math music is infinite!
  8. Sometimes, but not often.
  9. Yes. Music is meant to be listened to by sitting there. How else would you listen to it?

    Especially when stoned. Every verse just blows my mind and I can burn off hour after hour in that paralyed state..

    Imagine the life of a musician, those guys live in a permanently altered state I envy them all.

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  10. I play the drums so music is a valuable and rewarding part of my life. Like all kinds, hard rock, a bit of metal, indie lovesong stuff, hip hop, gangsta rap, dubstep, electronica... i really fucking enjoy classical music. Especially stoned a'f

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  11. You never got stoned as fuck and laid back under some black lights blasting grooves and letting your mind wander?
  12. Are you of a certain faith that does not allow such things?
  13. its always in the background, but sometimes you can just disappear and become part of the music when you're really stoned (or trippin balls) and its amazing. sometimes I've just sat still whilst really high and got through an album or 2 without doing anything
  14. So you get high but you don't enjoy listening to music? Wow. That's kind of really fucking weird. Music is a huge part in some people, including I's, life. It helps me relax, it helps my high. I listen to music all day at work every day. It helps with work, it definitely helps working out. I think a world without music would be boring. Which is why I hate when people make fun of deaf people. They can't hear the beauty that is music. Plus, my parents are deaf.
  15. I cannot live without music this is how my priorities go 1 is myself and family 2 is music 3 is education 4 is career 5 is weed so yeah I would be lost without music I get so moody and cranky without it its like being addicted to opioids.

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