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    Very long story short... Got very fucked up (alcohol not weed) and got caught by cops. I had some weed on me and a pipe. Cops took me home and showed extra alcohol in bag and weed to my parents. I know i fucked up tonight (due to alcohol) thats not the point of the post.
    The point is, i need you guys to help me convince my mom weed isn't bad,
    She has a very conservative viewpoint that weed is the devil and whatever. since the cops showed her my weed, shes pissed.
    I need some help convincing her that weed really isnt bad... Any help pleasE??

    Sorry im fucked up
    Alcohol fuckes you up. Please everyone smoke weed instead.

    I'm not a minor. They asked me where I lived and I told them. They didn't ask for I.D or anything
  2. Show them The Union

  3. 1.tell her no one has ever died from marijuana, not one death related. her "The Union"
  4. Showing the fucking trollface, real funny bro. I guess you never got handcuffed and taken home by them cops. Thanks man.
  5. One; you did not fuck up due to alcohol...Take responsibility.

    Two; feign ignorance to any questions and keep with the story that you "Quit.":cool:
  6. Why would the cops take you home to your parents? They take us adults to jail usually.
  7. Get a job, save up, move out, tell her you did all this while high and then in a most fitting Cartmen voice say "suck my balls."

    True Story.
  8. Lmao dude i do not lie. I was fucked up beyond belief.. FUBAR. Any yeah I will say that i quite. Thanks
  9. Tell er some puerto ricans made you do it.

  10. considering the fact that the cops took you home and gave the shit to your parents im going to assume that its safe to say you're underage...
  11. there's nothing you really can do. I've done probation as a minor. twice. once when I was 15, then a year later when I was 16. I talked to the same judge both times. he remembered me and put me on house attest. juvenile probation is a fucking joke, I think you'll live. just tough it out and you'll have your freedom back before you know it. get a job to pass the time. it also makes your p.o. happy and more likely to report good things to your judge. also don't be late to appointments and don't go in under dressed or they label you a punk pot smoking bum. trust me I know from experience. just tryin to help from a man who's been there. just dont be stupid and get caught a second time a year later for the exact same thing. :smoking:
  12. IM SOORY, imD RUNK TO:]
    yATY US:]

  13. Lmoa.

    Holy God.
  14. Who left your cage open?:cool:
  15. Tell her you quit, run with that, than when she sleeps off her.
  16. sorry OP I tried :smoking:
  17. tHE ZOOkeeper duhh.
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  20. [quote name='"Hali Hostility"']

    tHE ZOOkeeper duhh.
    i'm a wild zebra. on a missiopn...from god.[/quote]

    that fucking movie. what a great movie.

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