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  1. hello im about to start my first project and after all the reading
    i've come up with a detailed list including the prices for items i plan to purchase
    to start me off... if i left anything out, or you disagree with some of the products im going to use and have a suggestion, by all means reply please.
    grand total around $1400 dollars thanks in advance here's the list...

    1. fox farm ocean forest OR black gold 10 bags @ 13.95 a bag 139.50-150.00 (bx hydro) bruckner
    2.two 600 watt hps digital ballast (quantum ballast) $300-350(ebay)
    3.solarmax 600w bulb 3pak 210.00 (ebay) or sunmaster bulb...220.00(ebay)
    4.hydrofarm reflector x2 100.00 each-200.00(ebay)
    5.5-7 gallon square or round white plastic bucket 10pcs. 100.00 us plastic thermometer/hydrometer 35.00 (ebay)
    7.Digital 4in1 Soil and Light Tester KC-300 35.00 (ebay) farm big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom 1qt each 3 pack 48.00x2=96.00 (ebay)
    9.carbon filtered exhaust fan 120-150 (ebay)
    10.seeds... o.g. kush feminized,pine tar kush feminized,sour diesel feminized, tangerine dream feminized.
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    6. digital thermometer/hygrometer....
    This one seems pretty popular, (look for a reputed seller though, I just gave a random link as an example)

    and most importantly you didn't mention anything about your grow room! difficult to judge your list without knowing where it'll be used.
  3. Sounds good dude. I would suggest getting a quality digital pH pen, those soil meters are not very accurate i've heard and I don't know that they work for measuring the pH of liquids. I would also suggest getting black or dark colored pots instead of white pots. Also, if using FFOF soil I would suggest getting some seedling soil such as sunshine #4 or something along those lines as many people say FFOF is too "hot" for seedlings (not sure about the black gold soil).

  4. ok digital pen can i ask why u suggest dark or black pots...and will look into the seedling soil as well...:smoke::smoke::gc_rocks:

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