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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jada, Mar 9, 2002.

  1. Alrighty!! Just to let those who actually care know- I got my liscense today!! So now we have our superhero car for the lady of passion, super dork and so on... no accidents this time either!! But what a bitch the lady was. I mean if I was 16, then okay, treat me like shit, but I;m an adult damnit! Oh well. At least I got blazed to celebrate
  2. Congratulations!!!

    Burn one down for me, ok?
  3. Sweet congrats. Its hard not to feel like its an accomplishment, even if so many have em. =)

  4. GOOD JOB jada!! Blazen' good lol well here's the key's to da Passionmobile [​IMG] Cruise on girl,Free the Herb wherever ya find it! LOL....BlazedBluesman [​IMG]
  5. Congrats jada, when ya gonna come pick me up so we can go for a drive?
  6. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    ROCK ON LADY OF PASSION! :D congrats Jada
    I am happy you finally got your liscense, now we all have wheels and can go 'round the world, providing ganja for all!
    Here's superdork's ganjamobile~~

    Have fun drivin' around!
    Here's to you!


    super dork (goin stoned-d-crazie with the smilies)
  7. Cograds Jada, i get my licence in June, I'm always dry and can't find any, but when i get a car i definitely get some :)

    Jada, Toke 'Til Ya Choke :)
  8. thanks everyone!!! Its sure is great having it i must say. And one day I'll just have to take a cross country (well cross-world) trip and meet everylast one of ya!!! And this summer DaWodin-its just you and me. Make way for the passiomobile Damnit.

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