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Liquor and drugs...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adamBC, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. ok... heres the deal.

    im drunk on some beer right now. i have 20mgs of oxycodone. it should be just enough to get me high. now heres the deal. Should i toke those pills now, as they are the LAST OC i have, and vow to not take them again after that (for atleast a year, not forever...)

    so, should i? would be good tonight. im in a bad mood. and ill have NO MORE after that...
  2. i say no....

    Thats based on the fact that you NEVER mix pills with alchohol. Its just something that can really mess you up or kill no man
  3. I had a bad trip once from alcohol and medication I was prescribed.
    Never mix the two NEVER! I was just having a harmless nightcap and afterwards I had the shakes for like an hour and felt very faint, at one point I thought I was gonna die. Luckily I didn't.
    Just don't do it.
  4. yea i didnt bother...

    actually i fell asleep on my computer :p

  5. That almost happened to me once, LOL.
    I'm glad you didn't mix, nasty things could happen.
    BTW did you have any keyboard marks pressed in your face hahahaha.
  6. i took an ultracet and drank a beer... after that beer i felt pretty damn drunk. i ended up smokin a bit then chillin on the other beer and it was nice.

    doubt id do it again though, pills and booze can be pretty damn bad
  7. Do it up man.................Do it up.
  8. jointgrabbinjay knows how to party

    I dunno man... about mixin chemical drugs and alcohol... last year i got my wisdom teeth removed and they gave me these tylenol 4's... super duper painkiller shit... anyway, i was all heffed up on those then smoked a PHAT joint.. soo i was chillin after, minding my own business.. then i went to the bathroom.. cuz i guess i was feelin bad.. then i fuckin lost my vision for a second... fell down, still knew what was going on... got outta the tub, walked to the kitchen were my friends were... then i fell flat on my face... I didnt pass out.. or green-out.. i've been blazin years before that incident.. I'm sure it had to do with the tylenol i was taking.. it had a crazy affect on me... i know thats not booze and drugs.. but mixing things that fuck you up in general.. is just not a good idea... BUT.. causes for a gooood high...

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