Liquid oozing from leaf?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Cannacool, May 27, 2019.

  1. I noticed what looked like a drop of water on one of my outdoor plants. I poked it and it was almost like a syrup consistency and smelled like it came from the plant. Does anyone know what it is? I didnt get a pic but I dont think I need one for this. Hopefully nothing bad.
  2. Xylem or plant blood sometimes by those in the know as ....Sap
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  3. Thank you for the info!! Is this a normal occurence? Or plant defences? Should I be concerned?
  4. Not at all

    be on the lookout for ants or their buddies......Aphids
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  5. Marijuana doesn’t produce sap ( or not enough to be noticeable) you probably have a beetle or bugs hanging out
  6. Idk man it deffinatley was produced by the plant. The smell of it was a giveaway
  7. The things you learn just from hanging out.
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  8. Could very well be a beetle or bug feeding off your plant and making excrete, which will smell like the plant and look like sap. Spit bugs and common beetles do this
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  9. Sorry I know this is an old thread... Definitely xylem or "guttation."
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  10. Try saying the Guttation without a smile

    I'm Gutted you came up with that suffering further Guttation

    tho is a tru bio word lol
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  11. .
    I've always called that respiration.
    True... I can't say that to someone without smiling.
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  12. Those plants look great!
  13. [​IMG]
    I betcha the OP, ... Cannacool, is Gutted!

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