Liquid Karma

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  1. can someone tell me what liquid karma is & whats in it(organic^
  2. Sorry, can't answer this one - but I think it's a bottle of something from the hydro store - which tells me you don't need it. Other than that I guess google it...

  3. Its kelp extract, humic acids derived from leonardite, andyucca extract. Its organic I use it for a supplement sometimes outdoors through my drippers since it doesnt clog them.
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    But you could buy some kelp meal.. and some fulvic/humic acid.. BAM you took a shit on botanicare.
    and it'll last like 100x longer.
  5. AND the BioAg Humic and Fulvic acids are much, much better products than any Humic acids derived from Leonardite - all day long.

    Kelp meal still retains the valued organic compounds and PGR's which extract has lost - another win.

    Win/win in a big way.

  6. Yeah i barely use it i do weekly botanical teas with kelp and alfalfa. But if I want a little supplement through my drip lines botanicare is ths only thing that wont clog my lines and still organic based.
  8. lol This is exactly why I didn't buy it but instead came straight home and searched our wonderful forums for it before I listened to anymore sales pitch from the vending machine they called a salesperson...

  9. yup kelp meal tea is the best I no longer use liquid karma anymore. Moving into doing no till experiments now with my super soil

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