liquid hydrocodone

Discussion in 'General' started by shots, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. i was just wondering how much it would take me to get fucked up with some of this stuff. i have the perscription and i'm supposed to take 1-3 teaspoons for a dose. this is what is says on the label...

    hydrocodone-apap solution
    mallinkrt #240ml

    and i get a refill...woohoo. lol.

    i just wanna know how much to take so when i smoke a bowl it enlightens the high. thanks for any help.

  2. I can't tell you how much you'll need because you didn't give enough info about the precsription... whats the content of hydrocodone? and whats the content of acetominophen?... look on the bottle and it should say something like "Hydrocodone/apap(acetominophen or "tylenol")" next to that it'll then have some numbers in milligrams (MGs) either 5mgs, 7.5mgs 10mgs or somewhere around there for the hydrocodone...the APAP on the other hand could range form 50-700mgs per dose (the less apap the better...tylenol's a horrible drug for the liver) for example, your bottle may say "hydrocodone/apap, 7.5/700mgs" this would be the amount of milligrams per mililiter dose of vicodin you have...a good recreational dose for someone whos taken vicodin on a frequent basis would be much higher than that of a first timer...start off with around 10-15mgs and see how it treats you, especially if you're using it with weed, this amount would create a decent "synergy" to the overall can progress eventually up to a reasonable recreational dose of around 20-30mgs depending on individual factors..just start small and work your way up... can always add more if you need to, but you cant come back to life
  3. i have no more info on the content of my solution. there is no ratio for the content on the bottle. the info i gave you is the info i have. looks like i won't be experimenting too much... the only other info i can give you is that the perscription is for a wisdom tooth removal operation. i guess liquid hydrocodone solution doesn't make it easy to tell how much one should take for a proper effect. thanks anyway.


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