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  1. newbie here , ive been doing lots of types of drugs for the past 10 years and have started to take liquid E , i bought some from rimright and with the help of a friend made some up , and i have to say i thought it was so much better than anything im getting off the market today E , Speed etc etc .

    my question is . have any of you guys tryed this and what have your expeirances been like ? :hello:
  2. Ahh, liquid E?

    MDMA is base form is a crystaline substance, i guess you could dissovle some in H20 or Saline, but why would you want to?
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    liquid e is just a nickname. it has nothing to do with mdma.

    liquid e is GHB. gamma hydroxy butrate or some shit. aka georgia home boy aka grave harm for your body.
  4. oh really? didint know that!

    GHB isn t bad, not really my type of buzz thou.
  5. its very risky. you can fall into a mini coma on that shit. just stick to regular x if you want that feeling. ghb can also be used as a date rape drug. :( my homegirl fell for that shit once, so i guess i have a negative basis.
  6. Whenever i did it, it just felt like being PISS drunk, i could see how it could be a date rape drug.

    its nothing like X thou.
  7. its pretty damn strong, you just need a capful of that shit. i woudlnt make it a habit. i tried a lot of drugs but i dont know if i could mess with it.
  8. GHB gets a bad rap, and really it isnt very risky at all if you know what you're doing.

    I've known people who dose GHB almost every night. It actually does very little harm to your body if you have properly made GHB.(which goes against everything DARE told you).
  9. your right iif taken right its safer than most other drugs , and there is plenty of imformation on the net regarding dosage etc , i would stillm take rather than most other xxxxs:cool:
  10. just get liquid Acid, thats by far the best shit ive ever experienced!!!!!

    just thinking about it makes me cringe and smile like a mad man....:D
  11. The difference in dose it takes to get you high, and the dose it takes to kill you is rather small. So a little can get you fuuuuucked up, and a little more can put you in the morgue. Too small a window for my liking, personally... Which would largely be why I've never tried it. Another reason being that I've never been a big fan of getting drunk, and from what I've heard, GHB is like bein piss ass drunk.

    But hey, whatever floats yer boats :)
  12. That's why you should gradually increase your dose as you go along, instead of jumping right in at 2ml.. Sure the dosage can be drastically different between each person but if you slowly raise your dose till you feel like you're at a comfortable range, then all is good... Just make sure not to redose too close together, just because you don't feel the effects anymore does not mean the GHB isn't still coarsing through your system. It's all about responsible use.

    Yes it can feel like your piss ass drunk if you take too much, but if you get right into that sweet spot of a dose, then it's very much a euphoric feeling.. Not to mention that your orgasms are INTENSE.
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    You got that Gama Hydroxy Buterate there my friend.Dont know if I spelled it right though.GHB is a strong drug no doubt.I have only done it once at a rave in texas that was outdoor's.

    I was just sipping on some lean I had when I walked by this dude and he said"hey you down with the g" my reply "G,what the fuck is that?"
    He say's "GHB man,want to try it out" so ofcourse i said yes.He gave me a cap filled with it and said to only drink that much and no more.I drank it and it had a salty type tASTE AND WAS EASY TO GO DOWN.iT HIT ME ABOUT 20 MINUTE'S LATER.Shit sorry for the cap's didnt know I hit it,lol.

    Anyway's I was drunker than drunk,you know how when you get so drunk your just like FUCK I am FUCKED,well this is like being super drunk only able to move around without falling and tripping so much.It was a good time but I dont really know if I will do it again.Erowid has some info on this.
  14. I feel ya man, but it doesn't strike me as something I would enjoy. I know most drugs are safe in moderation (yes, even "hard" drugs)... But I'm more of an upper person than a downer. I don't like feeling all slow and groggy. My drugs of choice are (in order): Weed, MDMA, LSD, Mushrooms :D

    Every now and then I'll munch on some Perc 30's, or sip on some lean... But that's usually only when my back's killing me. :)

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