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    I have been wanting to get my lip pierced forever, now that im 18 I can finally do it. However my school has the banned like hardcore, the bitch ass vice principal is trying to ban hoodies to. Most teachers don't give a shit if you got the piercing or not. But would anyone know if it would be ok to take it out for like 45 mins and put it back in?
  2. Why don't you rephrase your question without the ethnic slur
  3. AFTER it heals yeah...but you have to remember theres a healing process where you cannot take it out and keep putting it back it..this will increase your risk of infection and scaring. if you really want one but cant risk it in school atm just wait till this school year is over and get it done over vacation, itll give you plenty of healing time before you need to go back *unless your a sr and wouldnt be going back ne ways...either way bonus*

    why did your principal ban metal?? and is it actually in the dress code this year or is he just being a cock smooch about it? if its in the code book then it wasnt just him it was the entire school board
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    If its anything like a nose ring then it should be ok. as long as you don't leave it out overnight. idk though.

    edit: reminds me of Footlose without dancing.
  5. it could be expulsion dont kno his school...neither do it..but in most cases things like that you only get one chance to take it happens again then you get suspension..again and your kicked out for good...

    and who are you to asses what is a proper question to ask the blades of least its not a medical question like the other tons of them on here

  6. Ok, the vice principal for the 9th and 10th grade is a dumb bitch who thinks she is godlike and everything should be her way. The vice principal for 11th and 12th is a fucking G and doesn't give a shit. However she likes to pick up his slack and fuck with everyone.
  7. still... you know.. that ethnic slur
  8. Don't pierce your lip. It looks stupid. It's almost as stupid as piercing your eyebrow. You haven't done that yet, have you? Well, don't.

    There's a reason why they don't allow that at your school. Try to just get thru it without pissing off the authorities. If you were smart you'd just take your GED and get out of there.
  9. get a nipple ring. like a huge one that would go through both your nipples. that would kick ass
  10. I got my lip pierced when I was 17 and hated it, lol. Only lasted about a month or so.

    You can't remove the ring for like the first 10 days or so. If you do, it will get infected. After those 10 days though, you can easily take it out for school, and put it back in after school. It can still get infected though, so be smart.
  11. Oh wow I just totally noticed I said Kike, I meant to say dike I am so sry if I offended anyone haha
  12. that would still ofefnd..your best bet would be to leave it at bitch
  13. GOod point, cant help thats she looks like a man, re re edit.

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