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LiNY- Mids ughhh

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Ku-H420, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. What up GC..

    I live in long island.. all im wondering is where is the good bud!

    ive been smoking for a little over a year.. the only time ive picked up dank is when i made a trip to see my boys in the city.. usually mids in suffolk..

    so what are all you LIers blazing? lol maybe im alone in this but ive been seriously considering growing because of #1- NY's prices & #2- no dankness (that i can find!)

    NY your input is welcomed!

  2. just curious how much do Mids go for in nyc 8th-qtr-half-oz. O and i mean green weed not that brown crap.
  3. If you can set it up, grow and reap the benefits.

    There's a lot of people on here to give help and tips and tuts, stuff like that.
  4. NY weed never goes for under 20 a g. at least not where I live .

    mids or dank- will usually go for around 20/g. it sucks
  5. Haha yup skate never under 20 for a g..

    robert for mids its about 50-100-160-250

    im so done with mids though.. i want to blaze some dank..
  6. if you have to get mids than you might have the best time with it by vaporizing and making high dose edibles!
  7. 20 a g for mids? thats crazy shit ive seen some prices thats crazy my boy up there has shown me a ton of different strains from up there duno how you cant find it lol
  8. So many heads around here are stingy.. no one wants to help each other out.. @FL
  9. i can get mids for like 100 bucks a half. its weird, i get dank cheaper than mids. hahaha
  10. dam 100 a half? the op said he pays 50 a 8th! Seems like there more demand then supply in nyc. I whould think the city whould have tons of herb at good prices. i pay about half that for decent mids.
  11. Lol nah im on li bro.. i was just reading about delivery services in nyc.. thats dope as hell..

    yall have it made in canada bro lol good bud and from what ive read great prices..
  12. i found the farther away from the city you get the cheaper the bud gets and the quality varies..i picked up bud from an old friend a couple weeks ago in valley stream it was dank i paid 20 for brother used to get bud from a guy in brentwood it was high mids and he was payin 15/g

    i recently moved to suffolk and havent picked up anything yet. i will some time the week though hopefully its not mids
  13. #13 BlackFlaggin420, Sep 27, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 27, 2009
    Damn man i thought i was getting ripped/robbed.

    I pay 10-15 1/8, 25 a quarter, 50 a half and 100 for an ounce.

    Nicks roll a good blunt.

    Dank is 100 Quarter, 200 half 400 ounce. My sister pays more then me though which i find weird also lol.

    Guys in NYC should hit the Lower East Side for some bud or Uptown harlem. Every so blocks have dealers between streets. Ask and in less then a hour you will find bud in hands.

    My friend in NJ has delivery service and its 425 an ounce of fire dank. dubs only roll 1 fat blunt though lol which sucks.

  14. sucks that it's that expensive there :/
  15. In my state i get 8ths of dank for 25 bucks..ima start my own pick up pic thread so i can show yall
  16. grow your own, i get my dank for free :)
  17. And what state is that?
  18. I live in ny, 1hr and a half north of the city. We get some amazing dank bud. It comes right from the city. And prices up here suck also. I picked up a quarter of sour diesel for $100 the other day.

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