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  1. Any Linux musicians here?
    This thread is where we can get together and share our experience and knowledge :)
    I know it's still early days for Linux, but there's a ton of stuff out there for anyone interested in making music with Linux. Also, the latencies are just incredible, I get 2.83ms using a Dell XPS15 with the internal soundcard, 2.58 using an M-audio fasttrack pro. I've never achieved that with windows, ever. Of course, running FL using wineasio brings that up to 11.2ms, but that's what you get for involving windows APIs I guess :p
    My System:
    Dell XPS15 L502X (yeah it's ancient but w/e)
    i7 quad core 3.0GHz
    4GB RAM@1333MHz
    Realtek Audio (I forgot the exact model)
    M-Audio Fasttrack Pro 4x4 USB
    UbuntuStudio(comes with a ton of stuff preloaded, I've removed PulseAudio though, it's a pain)


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