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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Kayliec49, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. It's my first time growing and I have no idea what lights to use. If someone could send me links to lighting i should use that would help out alot. thanks. :smoke:
  2. I'm in the veg of my first grow and were using one 26w cfl per plant with a couple extras in the box...they're 100w equivalent and throw 1750 lumen a piece, however I still dont think they're strong enough, don't get me wrong though cfl's have they're advantages. (cheap, not nearly as hot as a hps or mh system can get). But yeah, I dont really like how close the cfl's have to get to my babies, Eventually I'm going to replace the main light source with a ceramic metal halide or conversion bulb as it contains both blue and red light (no need for a hps bulb AND a mh bulb) the cmh produces a spectrum closest to the sun out of all the lighting options, save for a high end led maybe.

    High Tech Garden Supply

    if your only going to have a micro grow or 1 or 2 plants on a sOg or sCrog then go with cfl's
  3. Can anyone help me out on ballasets too, i'm totally lost, how do they work?

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