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  1. Ok so I'm finally decided that i want a custom bong. I've look around here in the form but really haven't found and links. I have found all the sort term name for the company's. But being new don't know what they all mean. All the help would be great and yes I'll take my beats for asking this question.

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  2. I know theres glassmansdoll (GMD) and soul shine family glass (SSFG), if you google their names their etsy profiles will come up, i believe you contact them through there. Theres also lear and trikky (i believe) on these forums, but I know lear is backed up.

    Sorry i couldn't be of more assistance, good luck man.
  3. Thanks I contacted GMD to see what he can do for $500.

    from the dungeon
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    This is a great post , and I hope glassblowers are listening.

    It seems to me glassblowers could do a SHITLOAD of buisness online, and almost none of them have a website for E-commerce, ( Adam G. and Mer come to mind, but their are many many others that are also missing out on what I think would be very rewarding buisness .) WTF???

    I do not understand their thinking.
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    Yup. This is known and has been discussed at length man. Its mainly because the laws. Look at Cheech Marin, went to prison for making bongs. Nobody wants to test that, and how could you blame them? So they stay under the radar and out of sight. Seek and yee shall find, if ya seek long and hard enough. GC doesnt really want you postn links to competitors sites also, so you have to respect those wishes in their house also.

    So some names?
    Mike fro
    El Hefe

    Hope this helps...
  6. Things would be alot better if GC became a middleman for that GREAT list of names:cool:

  7. Yeah most of these guys don't wanna mess with the laws of selling paraphanelia so they let their wholesalers etc do it.

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