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Link between pot, psychosis goes both ways in kids

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by OneOfTheGoodOnes, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Link Between Pot, Psychosis Goes Both Ways In Kids!

    For the rest of the artcle
    Link between pot, psychosis goes both ways in kids - Yahoo! News
  2. So basically they've figured out nothing but the way the title of the article is worded makes it look like, at first glance, that they finally figured out something.

    Stop the War on Drugs.

    Start the War on Science.
  3. Admitting they don't know "nothing" is a huge first step in finding out something.
  4. CBD has shown promising results that it is the cure for all mental disorders.
  5. Yeah but how do you judge one for being Phycotic?

    Stick them a bunch of teenagers in a room that smoked pot and ask them deranged questions?
  6. I believe the link is derived completely incorrectly. I think that early on, people with psych disorders use cannabis to self medicate and it works quite well however mental illness is progressive so when it stops working they say "Look he used to smoke weed! It was the devil's weed that does it."

    Just obvious bias against cannabis and being too quick to find correlations.

    All correlation studies can be debunked with one statement: 100% of water users die in their lifetime.

    If you can find out the "what" then the "how" and "why" are completely necessary.
  7. From another thread.

    Now that makes a hell of a lot of sense to me.
  8. It is important to remember this. A correlation or even a phrase "has been linked..." does not mean it's been identified as a causal link.
  9. i smoked recreationally everyday fro 10 to 14 im not phsycotic???? or am i??? but was i before i smoked?? will i become psycotic? lol i sure as hell sound crazy! lol but i do think my early on heavy use caused anxiety for about a year from 13 to 14 so then it was my "recreation medication" after 4 - 5 months sober no anxiety??? what i should be saying (so i didnt sound crazy) is in my opinion weed can cause problems or cure them and it causes problems for a reson! you figure out why!

    just thought a real life example would be cool
  10. How old are you now? How long did you stay sober? :smoke:
  11. after a manic episode my psychiatrist tried telling me it was caused by marijuana use. Showed me a study relating mental illness with pot use. i know the difference between correlation and causation. just because i used pot doesn't mean it caused my mania. mental illness like mine (manic depression) usually reveals itself in the early twenties, i was 22 at the time.

    i quit smoking for a month (plus the week i was in the hospital), as per doc's orders, but felt no different, only difficulty getting to sleep. upon continuing use, i felt "normal" again.

    anyway, doesn't matter to me what relation pot has with mental illness. if you're crazy you're crazy. and if pot reveals your mental illness... well, better sooner than later right?
  12. [quote name='"green711"']CBD has shown promising results that it is the cure for all mental disorders.[/quote]

    Why I need my card, but I guess mentally sick people aren't the same as physically sick people.
  13. ^^^f*** the system
  14. Has anyone watched the new Discovery Channel Show "Weed Country?" It had a really interesting segment about using CBD's to help treat epilepsy. I really think there needs to be more medical studies on the plant. I can't wait to watch it again tonight.

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