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  1. im new to all this slang talk and i was just wondering what people mean when they describe weed and mids and nugs or dank whats all this mean in plain english
  2. Lingo! I love that game..... simply wonderful.

    Anyways I know what you mean it can get a little confusion at times, especially since this board has people from all over the world on it.

    Weed is slang for marijiuana (mj) same with pot, grass, wacky tobaccy etc. :D

    Kind bud, dank, and nugs are just higher qaulitity mj. They usually sell for about 100 a qaurter. And it's usually smoked in bowls, because it doesn't take much to get high.

    Mid grade or mids is the mj better than "commerical" but not quite "nugs". That sells for about 60 a qaurter and is a good bong smoke.

    Commerical, swag, and brick weed is just the standard 25 bucks a quarter smoke. The kinda shit you just have to smoke in blunts.

    That's pretty much it.
  3. You'll also here chronic, witch just means really good weed like KB, or dank. But like 10 years ago chronic use to mean weed laced with coke. on Dr. Dre's 1st chronic album thats what they were talking about weed lace w/coke,

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