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Lingo Trouble

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Biggar, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Whats cornering a bowl...... its kinda sounding like people are just inhaling to much butane from torches and lighters?? if thats it then where does the corner come in. I usually if using lighter, wait till the flint stops burning(little sparks above lighter flame stop sparking). and only get the top surface..... Get a tall thin cone bowl for less lighter use.....
  2. people grossly exaggerate the amount of butane inhaled through a butane lighter. Data and statistics to prove is all i am interested in.
  3. pardon?
  4. Cornering a bowl means only burning a portion of the top of the weed.

    Cornering allows you to get green hits multiple times instead of roasting the bowl on the first hit.
  5. Cornering involves only burning a section of the bowl by carefully manipulating where you put the lighter's flame. The picture below gives you an idea, but of course it's just an artsy pic. The black sections are burnt, while some "green" is still left intact.

  6. That's a cool ass looking picture.^
  7. i kinda figured that... i use herb iron n e ways.... that phrase just keeps coming up
  8. Burning a corner of the bowl means smoking a part of the bowl, like a "corner," leaving green in-tact rather than lighting up the entire bowl.


    If you were to "corner" this bowl, you'd just light and smoke the circled part of the picture, leaving the rest of the green intact so others can "corner" it too.

  9. Looks Like a Ying Yang.
  10. ^ dude seriously....captin obvious
  11. Well its not like I didnt think anyone else knew what it was.

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