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    First time growing feminized seeds, ive grown weed plants but they all turned out to be male, i really wanted to punch them. Im not a pro, so if you got any advice feel free to comment :D
    growroom: a closet in my spare bedroom, idk how big.  I have 3 plants in there rite now, another turned out to be male, so im more than likely going to get rid of them all and start fresh with my feminized seeds.
    Soil: burpee coco coir and perlite :3
    Nutes: fox farm trio (grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom)
    Lights: A 2 foot, 24W sunblase floresent light (going to get anouther) and three 42watt (150W) CFL's, the bulbs r HUGE and i payed 10 buck for each one x_x (dont quote me on how many watts i dont have the package anymore so idk *shrugs*)
    pots: start seedlings out in red cups, replant into 2 gal buckets.
    fan: small fan i got from homedepot, just bought a small one i could hang in the closet, its barly noticable in the pic but it's there.
    exhaust: none cause im poor and i suck and seriously where the fuck am i gonna put it, i own the place im living in so hopefuly smell wont be an issue or im fucked xD
    PH: i get filtered water from my fridge and chlorinate it overnight, ph is 6-6.5 always test before watering just incase tho.
    Activity: Planted the WW and NL june 6, 2013.
    Picture of grow room:[​IMG] Imma prob rip these up, dont pay any attention to how high up the lights are, i already lowered them accordingly.
    Picture of seedlings: [​IMG]

  2. niiice, subbed. I just ordered some WW x BB seed and should be starting soon, will be watching yours as well. 
    aww thanks :D
    everyones buying wwxbb xD thats whats hot rite now i guess
  4. I've been holdin out till payday to order some ak x nl and ww x bb. Gonna watch how yours turn out.
  5. june 8th 2013
    plants started to sprout
    Northern lights
    white widow starting to sprout see the green spec?
  6. Nice, I'm interested to see how this turns out =] I like your closet
  7. june 13, 2013: Seedlings  WW on left NL on the rite
    ALSO a very pleasent surprize, one of my my plants had turned out to be female and started flowering, guessing it's auto since i never switched it to 12/12
    shes very small and stringy looking, gonna super crop her, first female EVER :O! i was so excited when i saw the white pistols cause i had no faith it was goinng to be female because i had gotten 3 males before so WHOOT!!!
    i know i said id rip them up but i never did and im happy because 1 turned out to be female, the other hasnt flowered yet so idk.
  8. ^ Looks like preflowers, switch the lights or it prob won't flower.
    oh pre flowers derp of course xD anyways i switched her to 12/12 no worries
    gonna need anouther grow room 1 for flowers 1 for vegging

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