Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN!

Discussion in 'General' started by DirtyPete, Jul 24, 2007.


    LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Five days after being booked in connection with a May drunken driving charge, actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested early Tuesday morning on five charges -- including drunken driving and possession of a controlled substance, Santa Monica police told CNN.

    Haha, what a stupid face.
  2. shit these celebs are dumb..i mean come on..your fucking rich as hell..

  3. the exact same thing happened like 2 months ago right? DUI and coke posession?
  4. How stupid can a person be. If I was a millionaire I would have someone else drive me around while I was drunk. Good job Lindsey Lohan, you sure disappointed all the little skanks in training that look up to you.
  5. Does anyone else notice how much less 'perfect' Lohan looks in real life?
  6. Well, maybe her old buddy Paris can give her some prison tips?
  7. Most celebrities aren't pretty at all once you remove the three inch layer of makeup..

    air brushing does amazing things ya know.
  8. haha seriously, that would solve the problem...

    I actually saw lindsay lohan mad long ago, her father was in the same federal prison as my dad was in brooklyn, and me and my mom went to visit my dad, and she was their visiting her dad the same day.

    I don't remember though, I was only like 14 I don't think I even knew who she was, but she had to be famous already at that point cause my dad pointed her out and said she was lindsay lohan lol

    Funny stuff tho, I forget what here pops was in jail for but it was federal so, somethin interesting =D Imma look that up now
  9. Na, she was charged 5 days ago.

    HAHA, what a dummy face stupid butt she is.
  10. They do this just to get noticed more. And ya she's a crack addict, thats got a endless supply.
  11. Man I was just about to post this shit, listen to this:
    "TMZ has learned that Lohan's arraignment is set for August 24 at 8:30 AM. And how's this for scheduling conflicts? -- Lohan is scheduled to appear in Beverly Hills Court the same day for her Memorial Day weekend DUI bust."

    *More like "I Know What Killed My Career" haha
  12. Yeah this is stupid..If i was rich I would never need to drink and drive cause I would allways have a limo.
  13. Haha, na I doubt it. This is goign to have some serious negative impact on her career.

    She has a movie coming out on friday, and was supposed to be on Jay Leno tonight. She definately didn't do this for attention, I'm not sure what the fuck she was thinking, but I can't fathom how she would think this would help her in any way.

    And in the words of whitney houston "First of all, let's get one thing straight: Crack is cheap. I make too much money to ever smoke crack,"

    Lindsey be doin that fine china white, not that dirty ghetto rock.
  14. That chick is done. The coke got to her ass. GL to her
  15. i bet she does a few weeks in jail
  16. What a dumb coke head
  17. [01:52pm] (+DirtyPete) yea, she's a grade A fuckstick
    [01:52pm] (+DirtyPete) but i still think she's hot even when shes ugly
    [01:52pm] (+DirtyPete) i'd party with her

    So the truth comes out, somebody gots an obsession!
  18. "Lohan, whose film "I Know Who Killed Me" will be released Friday, was charged with two counts of driving under the influence, possession of cocaine, bringing a controlled substance into a jail facility, and driving on a suspended license, according to Lindsey."

    That's why they do this stupid shit, free(/cheap if you don't count lawyer and jail fee's) media advertising.
  19. lol, i find this shit funny as hell, the dumb broad never learns.... as the mugshot reveals, she's not that good lookin, shes just another hollywood coke head. until she realizes that she has a legit coke addiction ( or so it seems ) i can pretty much careless about/what happens to her.
    its not like shes a good actor or anything...
  20. lol she brought coke into the jail facility? thats like the stupidest thing you can do, there is no way you can hide drugs on you when you get booked, unless you got that way up your ass and shit it out later,

    my dude got locked up for a night and some other dude shit out a bag of weed that was tripple bagged and they smoked a blunt out of toilet paper lol

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