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  1. While baked, this movie definitely is worth watching. The guy takes a drug that enhances brain capability. The whole movie constantly mind fucks you. The director did a perfect job of showing what the "high" of the drug did to you. It made you understand what it felt like and how epic it was.

    Only complaint, the flow was a little hard to follow, and you often found yourself saying "wait so who the fuck is that guy?, and, wats going on?" but i guess alot of movies are like that while high.
    This movie's definitely worth a watch while high, so go check it out and prepare to get mindfucked
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed Limitless, don't quite get the comment about hard to follow. I thought it was an extremely well produced movie.
  3. I liked this movie through and through. Awesome plot and the movie makes you want to be in his shoes and take those pills and become fucking awesome like he is.
  4. Lol dude I was baked as fuck, thats probably just my fault.
  5. I've watched it hammered a few times and thoroughly enjoyed it. Wish I could remember what happened.
  6. It's alright, but I felt the ending was done horribly wrong.
  7. Yea I agree dude, the ending was pretty bad.
  8. NZT is an actual molecule that greatly effects the frontal lobes/PFC. used in treatment of psyche disorders and mental illness.
    my only complaint is the fact that big pharma is now in mainstream media pushin future drugs. awesome

    really good movie though
  9. also, ive been noticing psychedelics gettin a lot more open in movies. dude mentioned tripping like 4 times.
    lets go kids, start doing drugs.
  10. i need this drug in real life lol
  11. Excellent film, if you haven't seen it, you need to watch it. If there ever was a drug like that, it'd sell for a million a pop.

  12. Fully agree, it was building up to a really tense climax, and then, nope, I'll just scare this guy off with a two minute conversation.

  13. Or they would not release it and keep it the most heavily guarded secret in modern science.

    I mean, with that amount of brain power, you don't need to rely on a government and it would be so simple to exploit the flaws in society and humanism. It would topple anything anyone knows about reality and make it easy to control people through any sort of medium.

    I did love this movie though.
  14. Ever seen a highly intelligent adult with type three ADHD, Old School Ritalin does basically the exact same thing as NZT just not as intense(As said in the movie depends on how smart you already are).

    @ Arckaic you do not think people like that exist already? They call them non homicidal sociopaths with a high IQ.

    The ending was not Hollywood style but if you dig deep it was great. He backed off because he knew he had loss. Remember he came to him 1 year after, He had planned to have a lab setup in 6 months. A smart man knows when not to challenge a smarter man.
  15. I liked the premise but it fell apart in the 3rd act.

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