Limitless vs. Requiem for a Dream

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    Which movie best represents your views on drug use?:)
    Mind expanding potential:


    Limitless - Official Movie Website

    (financed by pro legalization businessman Richard Branston
    Sir Richard Branson hawks fake wonder pill from 'Limitless' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO | Inside Movies |
    The Saturday interview: Richard Branson | From the Guardian | The Guardian)


    Self destructive downward spiral:

    Requiem for a Dream

    (financed by anti drug businessman Thomas Siebel
    Montana Meth Project
    Montana Meth Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

    (short version: Fly through bunch of taxis vs. chicks with double dildo ;) )
  2. How do you compare the two? One is based off a drug that isn't real (however it IS based on a real drug, I can't name it though). The other is based on an unnamed substance that does exist (maybe they detail the substance better in the book?). It's hard to compare the two.

    Either way though they were both good flicks. Limitless was good because it was just a nice fresh idea that kept me entertained. I do sorta wish they approached the subject a little differently though. I fucking LOVE Requiem for a Dream though. Super powerful movie

    Though I guess both of them represent my view on drugs. They can take you places you can't go otherwise and they can ultimately lead to a higher quality of life. They can also fuck you up and ruin your life. It depends on what you do and how you do it.
  3. I'm sorry but it's a no-contest. The kind of impact that a movie like Requiem for a Dream has, especially at the end.... It just blows Limitless -- which is a great movie -- out of the water.
  4. And I had no idea RFD was financed by an anti-drug institution. It makes sense in a way. It certainly struck me as an anti drug film for obvious reasons. I remember thinking "man, if they showed this shit in highschools instead of what they show now, it would have a much stronger impact".

    Requiem for a Dream was closer to reality and showed a wide scale of different types of people being affected by addiction to dangerous drugs. I'm really glad it pointed out that even legal drugs that people use for things like, for example weight reduction, are actually dangerous.

    The ending was solid though. It stuck in my head for a few days after watching it. I'm super pro-drugs, too, and I still liked it a lot
  5. I actually haven't seen Limitless yet. But the plot is very interesting and something that I've always thought about. But I did see Requiem for a Dream, it's a very good movie and I guess it represents what I think of harder drugs like the ones mentioned in the movie. Shit I'm not even that excited to touch anything that isn't weed (nope don't really care about the booze)
  6. Requiem for a Dream, without a doubt. It presents a more realistic view on drugs. Yes they can be fun, but there are potential dangers if you don't practice self control. However, watching this movie did not make me go, "damn I'm not touching anything other than weed." All it taught me is to never go overboard with any substance. Opiates aren't really my thing, but I definitely have had my share of drugs beyond pot.
  7. Ass 2 ass
  8. Yeah I was actually watching it with my family the first time. When the ass to ass scene came up shit felt pretty awkward. I was luckily under a blanket though so I masturbated anyway
  9. Okay who hear thought that the weird camera view where it was zooming in or whatever was trippy as FUCK.
  10. On Limitless right? Yeah, I was absolutely gone when I watched it. Drunk and high haha. When it started I seriously thought "holy shit this is crazy". Sorta felt strenuous on my eyes though

  11. Yeah haha. I was like OH MY FUCKING GOSH. I wish I saw everything like that...

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