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Lime Kush or G-13

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Marvelous, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. this weekend I might be able to get both or I might have to choose between the two, I've had lime kush before(only acouple hits) but i've never had G-13. Which one should I choose if I have to?
  2. g-13. its the most powerful strain of marajuana ever concieved.It was part of a government research project done between the 1970s and 80s and the only reason it can be found on the streets today is because it leaked, but it was only a clone that made it out of the government labs and into the world, so it can only be crossbread in order to be reproduced. The most potent crossbread samples ever tested were found to have an amount of about 18-19% THC by weight(this is amazing!!!!)
  3. fucking right dude, thanks
  4. False, its not the most powerful, mountainusk thunderfuck had a thc rating of as high as 32%.

    I got g13, a few weeks ago. Pretty good, i cant get it anymore. Id truthfully rather a kush ATM. Smoked on some medical OG KUSH... Top Notch.
  5. I'd love to try REAL G13. I'd say go for that if the stuff looks legit.
  6. I got that info from urban-dictionary.. so just listen to Bliz.. he knows what hes talkin about
  7. Mountainusk Thuderfuck, that sounds hilarious. Reminds me of Cock Juggling Thundercunt from southpark.
  8. hahaha i'm watching south park right now
  9. It has been alleged that G-13 was created by government agencies such as the CIA and the FBI who focused on hybridizing different strands of marijuana at the University of Mississippi in the 1970s. Supposedly, these organizations bred a strain of marjiuana through hybridization that was more potent than any other. It also supposedly has a concentration of THC of 28% by weight, which is almost double the average amount of the chemical in most high-grade sinsemilla grown commercially. One story states that a single cutting of this potent strain was liberated from the government facility in Mississippi.

  10. i dont remember that episode :rolleyes:

    are you talking about that movie?? terrance and philip?? where they say stuff like ass ramming uncle fuckers and shit face cock masters??

    but ya kush sounds like the shit to me, Id have a look and compare before I made a choice.
  11. woah...i just read the 3rd post or whatever, Dont buy into the hype about this being a government strain

    Dont play the name game unless you know your guys for real, and if hes tellin you its a top secret clone strain made by the governemt than hes pullin your leg and dankone was obviously jokin also
  12. Is that strain (Mountainusk Thuderfuck) anything close to Alaskan Thunderfuck?
  13. no, he's not claimin anything like that, oh yeah its 385$ for an O but around here thats a good deal
  14. im in Alaska i have to set yall straight its Matanuska-Thunderfuck we call it "MTF" tho, and anyone who thinks they have it doesn't unless its straight from the grower, even then they probly don' offense to anyone thinkin there bud is mtf
    Matanuska-Susitna valley is what its referring to.
  15. none taken, but nobody was claming they had it
  16. This guy knows what he is talking about. I heard that its some of the best shit ever because of how rich the soil is in the valley of matanuska
  17. One of my friends brought over some G 13 he got off a grower. It was some good shit. Id go with that, tho i havent had the other.
  18. No, it's an afghani clone named after the urban legend :rolleyes:
  19. Just make sure and post some pics.
  20. I'd go with the kush. G-13 is a pure indica, and i'm not a big fan of indicas. I need to be energetic and get a trippy high, not couch lock with munchies out the wazoo. From my experinces with kush, although I've never had lime kush, kush seems to be a lot headier. I've had some straight up OG kush that felt almost like mushrooms.

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