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lil too much

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. im totally ashamed of myself. the other night i thought wtf and took a double dose of musclerelaxers, generally notta problem.(slept real nice as a matter of fact).but my middle child is like "mom whats wrong with you?,you sound like anna nicole smith" aaah, honey i drank a beer, im drunk..9 yrs old and shes says yea right. i fell down twice, legs musta been reallly relaxed, and somehow im not sure exactly what i did but i gotta bruise like you would not believe. im not even sure where i did it, one fall was in the bedroom and one in the kitchen,both after my husband told me to sit down and not get up, dunno what i was doin. musta done it in the bedroom because i remember sayin, laughing even and saying oooh, thats going to leave a mark. its half my butt, im trying to match what coulda done such a thing to me at first i thought it was a chunky shoe.... but no...i think it was somehow the bedframe. i believe i was trying to go to sleep and missed the bed. why oh why do i do such things?....
    ok, i do know.....
    just wish i hit the bed instead of the floor.
    im still looking and see nothing that could have left a mark like that. and im still thinking wtf was i in the kitchen for?.

    spose it coulda been worse had done this in public,
    nother lesson learned

    k pointless story, but im bored and got a sore buttox, and didnt think youd want to hear about my walmart excursion.
  2. be careful, babe. And make sure not to scare your kids cuz you don't want to scar them for life.
  3. Wow, at least they didnt say that your starting to look like anna nicole smith. Then we would have to worry ;)
  4. haha i went to wal mart or k mart i forget to get some easy bake oven mix and me and my gf were high and were gonna make some little tiny special brownies, AHHAHAHA good times everyone staring at us, i just wish shed never dump me :( o well

  5. again.lesson learned. i suppose there prescribed for me for my weight or somthing, two was way too much. neva again :) i didnt like my child noticing there was somthing waaay wrong with me and not buying that i was drunk.

  6. I almost peed my pants with this comment. Thanks for making my day Half-pint.

  7. damn, thats pretty funny!
  8. thanks mate at least it wasnt my tailbone, justa cheek ;).........
    and ill never get words you sound like anna nicole smith outta my head, becasue i knew i i did, an i was tryin my best to be good.

    as for lookin like her.....hhhm i dunno :D
  9. an btw i guess i just let the cat outta the bag lettin my babies watch trash t.v.

  10. i picture 3 kids poking their passout mom with a stick, and the youngest saying "wots wong wit mommy?"

  11. Join the club, I have let my son watch Jackass on MTV. Just one time though. He laughed and laughed, till I thought he was going to pass out. He keeps begging me to rent "Jack-ass, the Movie". he promises that I can fast forward through the bad parts that aren't for little kids. No dice, baby, Sorry!!!

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