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    Hi Y'all! I veg'd for a short period, maybe 2 weeks if even. Right now the pics you're seein' are full fem bagseed. baby is 2 wks into flowering and i have a couple issues id like resolved...with your help of course (love GC!!). I apologize, i dont have better pics but felt like showin' em anyways. Otherwise, this is just a basic setup with plenty of nutes and i know its worked before. My first question is about a purple stem. Not just any purple stem, but my whole plant has purple "main stems".

    soil: MG...I know, but i pulled "every single" nutrient cap out. (It's appeared to be doing "OK" now but i know could be better. lack of money as far as soil goes.)

    Avg. Temps and RH: Down below its been 61.5 at night, up top 62.2F. During lights on, it's been 71.2, canopy 83.8F. RH has been low from seed but lately Ive had it at 30%. (I understand a substantial grow would hold a better RH.)

    My second question is...curling leaves; Especially on the tops of my 4 colas. These leaves have showed curling and its no bueno for me. I just watered with the first feeding of BigBloom at 1 1/2 tsp per 2 QT of water at 6.6 pH. (After it was about 6.5-6.6 pH)

    A Micro grow i guess but w/ significant issues to be corrected because my last looked nothing like this.

    P.S. Straight water is always at a 6.5pH.

    Thank you, I love you GROW ON!

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