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  1. Firstly I want to start off by saying hey to everyone here on GC. I've browsed the forums in the past and figured, hey might as well join. The name's Brian by the way.
    So, my dilemma... I have 2 choices of purchase. An iPod Touch 32GB or a 32" 1080p60Hz Toshiba or Sharp LED. Now the choice seems obvious, the TV right? With my job though, most days I rarely watch TV and when I do its a movie or TV series on my 1600x900 Acer 22" connected to my PC. I do dabble in a bit of gaming too. The 360, ROMs on PC Emulators and PS Vita, and a bigger screen would be much appreciated, especially in 1080p dude. Fri-Mon my son is over though, and he basically hogs my damn screen and by the time he decides he's tired I'm too tired to watch anything. Now the iPod. I already have a Galaxy S5 (which I may be upgrading to a Note 4), but I want to play Infinity Blade. I also want the iPod Touch so that I won't have to drain my phone battery with music, reading books on kindle, games or comics, and 32GB seems like the sweet spot (I currently have 48GB on my S5 though). It might also give me a reason to stay OT at work, because I have extra entertainment.
    So... which would you pick?

  2. even though im not an apple fan, i'd still choose the 32gb ipod over that little tv any day haha
  3. Wait until cyber monday at the end of Nov and get a nice TV on sale.
    While that could work, my birthday is November 25th, so I doubt that I'll have any leftover cash at that time.
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    TV..can't you put music on your phone or something? Why buy an ipod when you have that much space on your phone lol
    Also the kid will enjoy the TV..he would probably flip. Although 32 inches aint that big, it seems huge when you upgrade
    Edit: Oh I see you don't want to drain your battery..grab a portable phone charger. I got one for like $24 - I go hunting alot so when I'm in my treestand I can watch netflix the entire time. It's pretty much a rechargeable battery that has a USB port for a charger to connect to.
    why not get both?
    I'd say buy a used/refurbished LCD TV and a cheaper tablet.
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    I'd say get both. Get the TV and go online on amazon or eBay and look for a cheap iPod. You can even get the older iPods for cheap and they work great ( I still use my iPod nano 4th gen. today) and it still works great with no problems. I even have over 1,000 songs on there and still adding more. 

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