Liking Someone After Finding Out They Like You

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  1. Has that ever happened to any of you guys where you feel attracted to someone after finding out that they're attracted to you?

  2. Kind of.
    Found out this girl liked me, but by the time I found out she lost interest. Sucks for me, because when I found out I don't know why, but all of a sudden I was attracted to her. 
  3. Yes, especially if I wasn't paying to much attention to them at first. I think it is a pretty nice feeling.
  4. This will always spark interest.. and girls start using this tactic early on in elementary school because they're manipulative.

    It's worked on me plenty of times, and not until a few months after the fact did I realise that I never would have thought twice about it in the first place, and I was indeed brainwashed
  5. yes of course been reeled in like that. have done some reeling in like that. its how it goes 
  6. i feel like this happens to me a lot but it never seems to be a girl that i would be interested in myself. maybe my standards are too high.
  7. Kind of. I dated this chick a couple times and i told her i like her. Then she said "I dont want to lead you on and im not ready for a relationship". She was young and scared to fall in love. So I stopped talkin to her for a while because she always wanted to text and thats where i realized we really dont have much in common. Then she saw me at a concert, i was all draped up in new clothes and she asked if i hated her because i wouldnt talk to her. So we started talking again and she said shit on Facebook about "I like somebody now". She also kept asking ME OUT. But i turned her down because i lost feelings and moved on. So the day before I left to another state for the summer she texted this long ass paragraph about that she liked me for a while.
    So we texted a little here and there for the summer. Then when I was about to go back home, I told her I would like to take her out and give her another chance. She was more than down when i told her, but about a week before i went back she said on Facebook that my chance is gone and shes movin on. Now she smokes weed which is cool, we dont really talk as much. She has a thing for swagfags and gets played by them. I still have feelings for her but i needa get out and meet others. 
    Sorry for the long paragraph, but what im trying to say is act now. Because girls these days dont know what they want. Good luck with her.
  8. Yeah but its only because i never really thought about them in that way untik it was brought up

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    Maybe you could help me out with this.. 
    So confused... me and this girl had a thing going on during the beginning of the semester but then she dropped the course and i just stopped talking to her cuz i just thought she wasn't interested. But during the time we were talking for like (3-4) days, keeping in mind i was the new kid in the school, we were flirting and stuff and i texted her a few times and i thought she wasn't really too interested because she took a while to reply and shit so i just kinda stopped talking to her from feb-til now. Then near the end of the semester, i catch her lookin at me in the halls and sure enough she tells my friend that she thinks im really cute. So im like alright cool let me try again, so i was planning to ask her to chill in person but she wasn't at school that day so i called her later that night and talked to her for 5 minutes just kinda catchin up before askin her to catch a movie in a few days. She agreed and that was that.... I texted her "hey" yesterday and i didn't get a reply? Mad confusing like fukkk?
  10. My feelings were kinda brought back after she told my friend she thought i was cute and when some next girl she followed tweeted about "more niggas should be like kenji" she favourited and shit.  But its not like im trippin over her or nothing i could give a fuck less but itd be nice to get a girl again.
  11. Ay man like i said, they don't know what they want these days. If you don't get a reply or she doesn't say anything at school, she's either shy or too nice to say no. Bur her thinkin your cute is good.. Maybe she's not ready and is focusing on school.
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    I dont respect women for thier feelings in a relationship. For me, it's all about the poo tang.
    I respect women's feelings if we are friends.
  13. Aren't you like 50? You still talk like that?
    Damn......Lmao!!! :laughing:
  15. I didn't mean it in a bitchy way. It was just surprising to read.
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    Yes but i seem to be talking to a majority of teens and college kids so I speak in a language that they can understand. I don't think the majority of people on GC would understand "insert penis into vagina and ejaculate to insemenate the female egg"
  17. I dont know if i should be reading into the texts so much cuz like yo she agreed to come catch fast and furious 6 with me in a few days and she was really feelin me during the times we talked. Alls good but her not textin back to a simple hey is what i dont get.. i dont wanna seem like a clingy bitch cuz im a raw nigga

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  18. Hmmm. Okay : )
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