like this wasnt going to happen, ANSWER about being religious, and me, not....

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. I use the words God and Jesus a lot. in the sense I know nothing better than, which is, Jesus Christ, God, look at that, Oh God, holy shit, Oh man, jesus christ, god forbid, holy shit, ETC, ETC, ETC....

    my problem, i dating, (which is a problem in itself) a catholic...I *do* watch my words around her, but sometimes, i slip, which makes me think twice about what I say, and about myself thinking that...should I? I mean, I feel comforatble, to an extent thinking twice before (which I knew not better) saying this stuff...but does it bother her? she isnt going to dismiss me for this, but if I could knock it off, it it really does hit home...okiedopey...whew..
  2. No use in me replying either.. The perfect one has spoken...

    I have to watch what I say around certain people too! Don't want to piss off the relegious peoples you know!
  3. I revel in the suffering of those who fear words.

    that's a bit harsh...

    actually I just think it's stupid to be worried about using names or words in any particular way, say what's in your head, let loose your true feelings, even if it offends others

    or at least replace them with interesting words, 'jebus' works well
  4. I really don't say those words much, but I used to. No one really got offended by them.
  5. I stopped saying "goddammit" for an was stupid of me. Not like it made a difference anyway, he cheated on me :(
  6. I resent what I said before. Pretty damn ironic. I said "Fucking Christ" accidentally in front of my mom and she got really pissed.

  7. lol...thats funny
  8. Jesus tapdancing Christ!

  9. honestly.....your the way you are for a unless this person makes you that happy..... then there shouldn't be a reason to change your self' based on someone elses views.......

    but thats only my opinion..... :)

    do what makes ya happy gurl!
  10. I have like noooooo respect for religion. It's all made up, as far as I can tell. So keep on keepin on, and cuss out god!

  11. yeah thatll go over smooth with the girl. at least Ihave some respect..

    anyway im taking somethings into consideration. the only reason I drunkly asked the question was I think things are going to be good between us again, and we'll be back together..she was having doubts about things, not on my half, but her religion one, being a christain and rasied with the 2.5 kids, husband and white picket fence standard. and she doesnt want to be straight. she wants to be happy and well, gay.
    either way whatever happens between us, Im fo sure going to just be a little more sensitive to what I say..this girl doesnt even really curse either, and it sticks out when I sure do..I dont really like to curse when im with her, its just out of habit..but the religion thing, Im going to be aware until I can ask if it bothers her..I dont think it should be an issue on the tabel now with everything else shes got going on inside her..
    we'll see..thanks for your input guys :)

  12. She loves God. I know this. she does go to church, she is very much into her faith. its not that she gets hurt that I say things, but its more I think out of respect that I just tone it down..I dont think she minds all that much, but it seems to stick out like a sore thumb when I do it. Ive printed out some things to read about homosexual gays, lesbians etc...because I know *nothing* about anything. I want to know more because she seems to be stuck on this right now, its making it difficult for her to be her true self, and happy.
  13. ill jump in on it..

    my catholic girlfriend cusses as much as i do

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