Like they would notice it over the dead fish smell.

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Should Captains be allowed brown pants?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Only on a case by case basis

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  1. In the days of old sailing ships the captain of the Seahawk went out on deck to get some fresh air, when from above a cry came down from the crow's nest: "Enemy ship off the port bow!" The captain said to the ensign standing next to him, "Get me my red shirt." A battle ensued and the Seahawk prevailed. Two weeks later the captain was again on deck when another cry came from the crow's nest, "Two enemy ships off the starboard bow!" The captain again says to the ensign, "Get me my red shirt." After the battle was won the ensign asked the captain why he tells him to get his red shirt. The captain said that if he is wounded and the blood begins to flow the crew will not see that he was injured and keep on fighting. The crew overheard this and was proud to have such a brave captain leading them. A week later another cry came from the crow's nest, "TEN enemy ships approaching!" The captain said to his ensign, "Get me my brown pants!"
  2. Hahahaha covering the shit in his pants....LOL!!!!!!
  3. hehehe nice one. wonder if the ensign will notice???...
  4. denying a man his pants is just wrong
  5. What I want to know is why He would ask for his brown pants? So the guy was going to bring him his red pants, he outs 'em on, and shits himself? So he waits to get on a different pair of pants to shit himself. Thats just disturbing.

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