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  1. Hii grasscity community my buddy and i started our own minecraft server its pretty good so far ;]

    This is what i posted to advertise on the minecraft forums if you want info on the server.

    "Hello Welcome to DERELICT's minecraft server.

    Its a PVP survival server where you mine kill and loot other people and get money! use that money on weapons armor or a safe house in spawn.

    This server is growing and taking suggestions to make this server more awesome then it already is.

    Along with an ECON system and Multiple shops to buy items or even dog companions to protect you!
    We also have pig zombies who roam the surface and giants who smite with thunder or tnt you to death! Killing one of these giants gets you ore and multiple items to use and to sell for money with the ECON system.

    Money is made by selling gold ingots to the NPC's who explain the basics of how things work.

    You can own your own store if you want to sell items you have gained to others.

    The server is growing and we want more action ;]

    If that doesnt work for you"

    So feel free to stop by grasscity community :D ill try to be as helpful as i can

    My name in the game is Darkjin101
  2. Wow that sounds pretty amazing, I currently host a vanilla server from my laptop for me and 4 friends. I would be down to just join this or the other grasscity minecraft server.:D

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