like meeting her again...

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  1. Not to long ago I smoked with my Girlfriend at a friend's bonfire and i felt weren't dating at the time ( even though we were) and i had just met her right then and there like i had never seen her ever in my life and she was this random HOT chick that was sittin on my lap kissin on me and askin if i had a condom so we could go in the house and have some mommy daddy time..... has this ever happened to anyone else?
  2. So your girlfriend is a slut? Thats what I got out of that
  3. Yeah that happened to me with your girlfriend too. ;)
  4. I think i know who you're talking about. I hit it a few weeks back.
  5. Yeah i know this girl the stoner chick right ? Ahh good times
  6. sorry bro
  7. Lol are you saying that you pretended your girlfriend was a random hot girl sitting on your lap that you fucked. If so that's just a fantasy you made up in your head. Not a big deal.

    But yeah bro I bet she fucked your friends when you fell asleep.

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