Like adderall but stronger?

Discussion in 'General' started by GreenScreen, May 18, 2006.

  1. this guy who gets me adderall told me he couldnt get any right now. but he said hes got a friend who has a script for somethin thats like it but alot stronger. as far as i know adderall is the stronger verison of ritalin and theres not anything legal stronger than adderall. he told me what its called but i dont really remember, it almost sounded like demerol, but i know that cant be right cause demerol is a narcotic no an amphetamine.anyways anybody ever heard of somethin like this?
  2. i'm not sure, but if you found out the name of it you could probably easily look up what's in it and how much online.
  3. yea but i dont know the name of it right now and i was wondering if anybody knows of anything thats like what i said. anybody anybody?
  4. theres dexedrine, and desoxyn, and dextroamphetamine, dexedrine is stronger than adderall, and desoxyn is prescription methamphetamine, they both start with d to.
  5. yea, what neg said.
  6. Dexedrine is pretty much a step up. Might take a little longer to kick in, though. But after that - smooth sailing. No crash! Never really seen it, though. Seems pretty rare to me.
  7. yea i asked him today and i think he was little messed up but he was like said it was somethin that started with a d and then he remembered it was dexedrine. i told him ive never heard of it before, i just hope he didnt take that as i meant i didnt want it. cause if that shit is stronger than adderall ive gotsta get me soma that
  8. What do you define "stronger" as? Because adderall comes in different doses. Is it more potency / mg ?
  9. Dex kicks SO much ass.

    Edit: 30 mg's of amphetamine = 25 mg's of Dexamphetamine in terms of goodness.

    It's like super duper amphetamine, but not as evil as meth.

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