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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Korben, May 21, 2013.

  1. I just got my Pax by Ploom in today. After just a few trenches (ovens, whatever you want to call it) I think I am in love. This thing hits like a champ. The temp is great. The way the thing feels in your hand is nice. I have used a MFLB many times but I like this much more (no disrespect to the MFLB, it is quality). Just wanted to share my super "Vape-y" day. Today t'was a good day.

  2. Yeah pax is cool for when your on the move. This would be much better tho. 
  3. After reading your post i eagerly want to try this vapor,thanks for sharing your opinion regarding Vax.
  4. Love my PAX don't forget to clean often and lube up ;)
  5. Just cleaned it the first time. Wasn't all that dirty. How often do you typically clean yours?
  6. Does it hit hard? Or decently? I want to get it, but in a video i saw, the clouds were thinnnnn.
  7. Actually i just discovered gentlemans pens. Damn these things have value.
  8. It hits very nicely.
  9. I am new with my Pax by Ploom also. Been trying diff strains, moisture content, hard, full pack vs soft pack, ect, ect...
    I've come to the conclusion, (after many baked mornings this past week), that the ingredients:
    1) should not be air-dry, just slightly moist/fresh.
    2) Pack it full, med pressure, not a jammed-in hard pack.
    3) Don't expect more than one session with an oven-full. I've tried and eagerly looked forward to two to three sessions and, on med heat, it vaporizes nicely with about 5 nice vaporized pulls, but does not save me on ingredients like I thought. My whip saves me more money. You-tube is full of shit or some of those guys have outstanding MMJ.
    4) Perfect for on-the-go vaping...
    Enjoy. As I'm a 'lil disappointed with the outcome, (maybe someone has a better solution), I still like the Pax and might try other highly-rated on-the-go vape products.
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    you only need to use about half an oven full.(usually around a .2) Pack it tight. I hit this for atleast a half hour on low and maybe 20-25 min on medium so I have about a 45 min session to myself everytime. And you use far less bud as the Pax works well when it is stuffed.It cut my consumption in half from a 1/4 a week to an 1/8 a week and it sometimes lasts longer than that.
    here's a video too
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    I actually had a screen waiting on my desk... As I had outlined the original 'screen' from the Pax and was going to cut it to fit, but a hand-formed one is easier to get out, :)
    Excellent idea! Works great!

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